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Lowrider Customization Of The Suzuki ‘Jimny Sierra’!

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TEXT: 青木邦敏(AOKI Kunitoshi)  PHOTO: 青木邦敏(AOKI Kunitoshi)

The Jimny Sierra was created with unique ideas

The popularity of the Suzuki Jimny/Jimny Sierra shows no sign of abating and it is said that there is a one-year waiting list for delivery. The range of customization is diverse, from full-fledged off-roaders to light customized outdoor remakes and refreshing town-driving town dress-ups. One such manufacturer that produces attractive machines with unique ideas for Jimny and Jimny Sierra customization is K-BREAK, which was exhibited at the Osaka Auto Messe 2024 (OAM).

K-BREAK expands the boundaries of fun for car enthusiasts

K-BREAK, which is expanding the boundaries of fun for car enthusiasts by pursuing coolness in their way and not being bound by conventional wisdom, used Suzuki’s current JB74W Jimny Sierra at OAM to remind us of a customization scene we had almost forgotten about. The Jimny Sierra was an American-inspired remake of a US Suzuki JA11 ‘Samurai’, which was an export model.

The approach of basing the current Jimny Sierra on the US-spec Samurai was sharp, but even more interesting was the way it combined the culture of a special category of lowrider.

The lowrider culture, which represents American custom, is said to have originated in East Los Angeles on the West Coast of the USA and has greatly inspired young Japanese car enthusiasts. Customized versions of this coolness became very popular in Japan in the early 1980s, initially based on American cars such as the Chevrolet Impala and Cadillac, following the example of the home country of the USA, but from the mid-1980s lowrider customization based on Japanese cars became an explosive hit. In the later half of the decade, it was further derived into the Banning and Truckin’ custom, which was based on pick-up trucks, Samurais, and Toyota Hiluxes and fitted with 15-inch wire wheels.