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Craftsmanship of Customization: Sylvia Parts in a Daihatsu Esse

The popular "Tohoku 660 Series" is a race contested exclusively by kei-cars. We would like to introduce the machine of veteran driver Mr. Takeshi Otsuka, who competes in the Tohoku 660 Championship, which is contested by cars equipped with the new NA (naturally aspirated engine) standard. We will be looking at the secret of his machine makeup, in which he uses parts from vehicles other than mini-cars.

Art of Racing: From Commutes to Competition in K-Cars

The "Tohoku 660" series is a race for kei-cars only in which many racers, from youngsters to veterans, compete. In this issue, we introduce a young man who has just made his racing debut. He is one of the racers who has experienced the fun of driving as well as the rigors of racing and is looking forward to growing up. What is the practice method he used to improve his driving technique when he was at university?

Decoding Success: The Budget Formula Behind Daihatsu Mira’s Racing Triumphs

Introducing the machine of Mr. Hidaka Komatsu, the 2023 Class 2 champion, who stepped up to Class 1 of the popular kei-car race "Tohoku 660 Championship". Based on the Daihatsu "Mira", he has evolved it by pouring his know-how into it. Here are some of his specialties.

From Generation to Generation: Reviving a Classic Honda ‘Beat Version Z’

368 Honda Beats & S660s gather at the “Holy Land” On October 22, 2023, the “THANKS! Yach […]

Restoring Subaru Nostalgia: 60’s ‘Sambar’ in All Its Glory

The displacement of light cars was 360 cc in those days. The second generation Subaru Sambar was popular for its design as well as its practicality. We asked Koji Ishikawa, who participated in an old car event with a beautifully restored Sambar, to tell us about its appeal.

Let’s Go, Honda: Bike Lover’s Car Is a Playful Child of the Nostalgic 70s

The leisure car boom gained a slight boost in the 1970s. Unique vehicles that prioritized playfulness over practicality were put on the market, and the Vamos Honda was one such vehicle in the genre. However, its straightforwardness proved to be a hindrance, and only about 2,500 units were produced over four years before its role was over. In this issue, we introduce you to the owners and their favorite cars of this rare Vamos Honda.

Daihatsu Wilderness Camper: “North-Hunter” Has Flashy Paint to Avoid Rifle Shots!

Amidst the recent outdoor boom, the customization of light campers has also evolved rapidly. The North Hunter, based on the Daihatsu Atrai, is lifted up, has powerful bumpers, and is loaded with numerous options, but every element is based on practicality, not just coolness.

MAX Is a Rare ‘Fellow’: Encountering the Daihatsu Kei-Car from the Early 70’s

Daihatsu produced and sold the Midget during the post-war reconstruction period, and together with the then Toyo Kogyo (now Mazda) was a major supporter of the Japanese economy. Later, the Fellow was the first car to enter the market as a kei-car rather than a cargo vehicle. Mr. Shigeru Besshi, an owner of the second-generation Fellow MAX, is an old car enthusiast. We asked him to tell us about his old car and the appeal of this event.