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Power of Performance: Cusco’s Supercharger Kits for GR86 and Jimny Sierra

Tokyo Auto Salon 2024 held from 12-14 Jan. 2024 Cusco's booth featured the Red Bull Corolla driven by WRC champion Kalle Rovanperä in the 2023 Formula Drift Japan, the MY24 Nissan GT-R NISMO demo car The Toyota 'GR86' in collaboration with GROW Design was also on display and attracted a lot of attention. Among these, the supercharger kit for the GR86/BRZ (reference exhibit) caught our attention.

The Road to Precision: A Dive into ENDLESS’ Development of the GR86

A 20-year-old female racing driver, Ms. Rami Sasaki, who loves old cars, test drives the ENDLESS Toyota GR86 demo car! As an owner of the previous generation "86," the tuned GR86 was of course of interest to her.

Exploring the Next Chapter: Toyota GR86 and Subaru BRZ Enter the ‘C-Type’ Era

The GR86 & BRZ have been partially improved for the second time now that they are current models. These are the so-called 'C-type' models: the BRZ has undergone only minor changes, while the GR86 has been modified to the point of changing its ride quality. The BRZ also got a new 'STI Sport' model, while the GR86 got a special edition model to mark the 40th anniversary of the AE86's birth.

Mastering the Road: TRD’s Guide to Amplifying Fun in the Toyota 86 and Yaris

In recent years, TRD has been specializing in providing competition parts for Toyota cars in particular, and this time they brought a demo car to the works joint test drive event with a highly customized Toyota '86' and 'Yaris' with a strong motor sports feel. Here is the test drive report.

Collaborative Ingenuity: HKS x Autobacs x Mitsuhiro Kinoshita’s Tuned Suspension

This time, we test-drove a Toyota "GR86" equipped with "HIPERMAX GATE SPEC", jointly developed by HKS and Autobacs, on city streets and winding roads. What are the capabilities that astonished writers specializing in tuning?

The Evolution of JUN Auto Mechanic: Tailored Tuning for Driving Enthusiasts

"JUN Auto Mechanic" exhibited at the Osaka Auto Messe 2024. The company is based on Tanaka Kogyo, which specialises in internal combustion engine machining technology, and has undertaken a number of hard engine tuning projects. The Toyota GR86 exhibited this time is a light specification with no modifications to the engine itself. The reason for this is explained.

Racing Ahead: The Rise of HKS F-CON V Pro+ in the Automotive Industry

HKS' "F-CON V Pro" is known as a computer that controls and corrects the base map of the fuel and ignition systems to enable various controls. The release of the product was put on hold as the car evolved, but HKS has started development. What is it all about?

BRIDE ‘Ergoster’ Seat, Less Than Bucket, More Than Stock

BRIDE's "Ergoster" is a seat for street use developed by utilizing the know-how of sports seats. It has a flat seat surface for ease of getting in and out of the car, and an overall compact form. It is a seat that can be reclined to match a variety of car models.