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Toyota ‘GR Supra’ Is More Fun With A Four-cylinder Than A Six-cylinder!

The GR Supra, released in 2019, is one of the cars created in collaboration with BMW. The car's lineup includes the "RZ" with a 3L straight-six engine and the "SZ-R" and "SZ" with a 2L straight-4 engine. The "RZ" looks better when you look at power and displacement alone, but did you know that the 2L straight-4 model is also surprisingly highly regarded? Let us explain why.

At Formula Drift Japan, Which Opens In April, You Can Experience Drifting In A Lexus ‘IS F’!

Formula Drift was launched in the USA in 2004, and Formula Drift Japan (FDJ) started in Japan in 2014 and has become highly popular. Two Lexus IS F cars, named "Drift Ride Cars", which FDJ will introduce as one of its new fan services from the 2024 season, were unveiled at the Osaka Auto Messe (OAM) 2024, held from 10 to 12 February 2024.

FORMULA DRIFT JAPAN Connects Drifting As A Professional Sports Event To The Future

202023 marks the 10th anniversary of Formula Drift Japan (FDJ). AMW interviewed FDJ representative Kazuhiko Iwata and other key staff members to find out how FDJ came to be, where it is now and what the future holds.

RAYS’ Must-see New Wheels From The OAM Venue!

Osaka Auto Messe 2024 was held from February 10 to 12, 2024, and RAYS covered all genres such as sports, minivan, SUV, and sedan, focusing on the recent trend of 21- to 22-inch large-diameter models. Here are some of the newest models that attracted a lot of attention.

Morizo-spec Lexus “LBX” Equipped With The Latest GR Yaris Engine

Osaka Auto Messe (OAM) 2024 was held at Intex Osaka from 10-12 February 2024, and the TOYOTA GAZOO Racing booth featured the "MORIZO Garage" showcasing the favourite vehicles of Chairman Akio Toyoda, aka Morizo, with the LBX MORIZO RR CONCEPT on display as the actual car.

TOM’S Restomodded Toyota 80 Supra To appear At Osaka Auto Messe 2024

TOM'S will be exhibiting at Osaka Auto Messe 2024, which will be held from 10 (Sat) to 12 (Mon) February 2024 at Intex Osaka (Osaka, Japan). Here are details of TOM'S’s first exhibition at the Osaka Auto Messe since its foundation.

Toyota AE86 Tuned To 160 HP With Engine For Late AE92

The Toyota AE86 "Corolla Levin/Splinter Trueno" is known as a special car that nurtures drivers, and racing driver Masahiro Sasaki is one of the drivers who was raised by the AE86. Let us introduce the ideal car that Sasaki has once again acquired and tuned.

Why Are The Toyota Mark II And Nissan Skyline Still Popular As Drifting Cars?

4-door sedans are popular for drifting. Older models like Toyota Mark II/Cresta/Chaser and Nissan Skyline, Laurel, and Cefiro are still popular. Compared to standard sports cars like the Nissan Silvia and Mazda RX-7, they are heavier and at a disadvantage. But why do they choose 4-door sedans?