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PHOENIX’s POWER tuning saw Nissan’s new Fairlady Z exceed 300km/h!

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TEXT: 山崎真一(YAMAZAKI Shinichi)  PHOTO: 山崎真一(YAMAZAKI Shinichi)

  • PHOENIX’s POWER's demo car, RZ34 Fairlady Z
  • PHOENIX’s POWER's demo car, RZ34 Fairlady Z
  • PHOENIX’s POWER's demo car, RZ34 Fairlady Z
  • PHOENIX’s POWER's demo car, RZ34 Fairlady Z
  • PHOENIX’s POWER's demo car, RZ34 Fairlady Z
  • PHOENIX’s POWER's demo car, RZ34 Fairlady Z
  • PHOENIX’s POWER's demo car, RZ34 Fairlady Z

With a turbine change, specifications as high as 560ps are possible

From the so-called “Tuning Car Zone” of the “Osaka Auto Messe 2024” held in February 2024, we introduce the new Nissan “Fairlady Z” (RZ34 model) from “Phoenix’s Power”, which aggressively promotes performance upgrades for the latest sports cars.

Tested with an AT car, the car was under 1 minute at the Tsukuba Circuit

Phoenix’s Power is simultaneously carrying out tuning on several vehicles, including demo cars as well as development cooperation vehicles, and has no hesitation in analyzing the latest vehicles and accumulating know-how. Among these is the new FAIRLADY Z, for which the development speed has been increased and a tuning menu is being built for 2024. The RZ34 in its image color of Ikazuchi-yellow is being tested with a 9-speed AT specification, considering the number of users as well as feedback from the Skyline 400R (RV37 model) with the same 3L V6 twin-turbo VR30DETT engine that has been developed previously.

Already fitted with a Trust catalyzer and muffler, a heat exchanger was also added to suppress the temperature rise of the water-cooled intercooler coolant to prevent it from going into fail-safe mode during continuous laps and so on. After making sure the car was in perfect condition to withstand high loads, a light-tuning menu was constructed to increase boost and tune the management by rewriting the ECU, which is its forte.

The car has already reached 491ps/68.35kgm, well above stock (405ps/48.4kgm). The footwork and brake system is a combination of trusted and proven items such as Aragosta Type S dampers (original specs) and Endless MONO Block TA brake kit (front and rear).

The vehicle on display has updated specifications to address the negatives exposed in last year’s maximum speed test, and is fitted with aero parts jointly developed with tuning manufacturer Blitz to gain downforce at ultra-high speeds. The less flashy, more mature design is probably because it matches the character of the car.

The suspension and other parts were also reviewed to prevent rubbing when banking, and although various shops have said that the RZ34’s suspension is difficult to set up, Koji Yokoyama, the company’s representative, is confident that “we have a clear direction” in this regard as well.

In fact, in the shakedown held on 25 January 2024 at Tsukuba Circuit in Ibaraki Prefecture, the car recorded a time in the 1 min 1-sec range despite being on used tires. If the set-up is refined and new tires are introduced, it is not unreasonable for the car to break the one-minute mark.

Since some results have been achieved with the light tuning, in 2024, a turbine and twin intercooler kit, which tuning parts manufacturer Trust is planning to put on the market (Trust’s in-house tests have already shown 560ps/71.4kgm, figures comparable to the latest R35 GT-R), will be introduced and full-fledged tuning will begin. ), and the team plans to step into full-scale tuning.

“We have completed the analysis of the basic parts, including the ECU management, on the AT version, so the turbine replacement will be incorporated into the 6-speed manual transmission car, which is due to be delivered in March. Currently, the maximum speed is around 287 km/h, so our first target is to reach the 300 km/h mark. We have been getting better results on the circuit than we had originally expected, so we will take our time to see how far we can go with further performance improvements, and we hope to leave good figures in the time attack season at the end of the year. We will continue to challenge with an aggressive attitude this year.”

said Representative Yokoyama.

The Phoenix’s Power RZ34 has the looks of a normal α car, but with performance hidden inside, and the finish is the essence of ‘smart and fast’.

translated by DeepL