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Innovation in Motion: Forest Auto’s Cute Outdoor Car Revolution

Forest Auto, located in Chiba Prefecture, specializes in a method of mixing modernity while retaining the taste of the good old days. Forest Auto's customization is based on the importance of combining practicality with a strong sense of the past.

Young Driver Who Competes In A Kei-car Race, In A Suzuki ‘Alto’

The 2024 season of the Tohoku 660 Championship, a race exclusively for Kei-cars, was held on April 14, and the major topic of the 2023 season was the dramatic increase in the number of participants in Class 4, with the majority of them driving the HA36 Suzuki Alto AGS (2-pedal). The winner of the class, Masaki Inomata, is one to watch for the 2024 season.

Comfortable Van-life Version Of The Suzuki’s Compact Car ‘Solio’

Suzuki's family-friendly compact car, the Solio is a popular minivan with a tall, tall body that is easy to use. Based on the Solio, the Okayama-based camping builder PaPa BUILD, which has produced many compact overnight models, has produced a model of a camper that can be used daily. We take a closer look at its interesting equipment.

Narrow ‘G-Class’ Style Suzuki ‘Jimny’ Appears!

The new DAMD model introduced here has been wonderfully updated to appeal to such users. The model name is 'Jimny Little G Traditional'. As the name suggests, it is based on the current JB64 "Jimny", a kei-car.

Nostalgic Kei-car Suzuki ‘Fronte Coupe’ Was A Micro Sport Car

The Nostalgic 2 Days motor show, held on 17-18 February 2024, was a major motor show where old and out-of-print cars took center stage. From that venue, this issue introduces the Suzuki Fronte Coupe, a 360cc-era kei-car that debuted in 1971.

Suzuki ‘CV1’, A Phantom Moped Car Only About 100 Units

The "most basic car" in Japan is generally a kei-car, but there is an even more minimalist category of transporters: micro cars and moped cars. The car introduced here is the CV1, a one-seater compact car with a displacement of 50 cc, which was introduced to the market by Suzuki in 1981.

Lowrider Customization Of The Suzuki ‘Jimny Sierra’!

The popularity of the Suzuki Jimny/Jimny Sierra continues unabated, and the customization field is also showing increasing excitement. One machine that has become an attractive machine thanks to its unique creativity is the "Jim-Ride Samurai Jimny Low Rider" by "K-BREAK," which was exhibited at the Osaka Auto Messe 2024.

OZ Racing’s ‘Rally Racing’ Wheels Reissued for Suzuki ‘Jimny’!

Homage to Renault Cinq/Lancia Delta with Jimny DAMD, well-known for customizing the Suzuki Jimny and Jimny Sie […]