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Crafted Brilliance: Toyota Estima with Double Stacked Lip & DIY Acrylic Custom Audio

Toyota "Estima" with handmade finish using professional-looking acrylic work. The owner, Mr. "yu-kun" is proud of the custom audio system he created himself. What are the tricks he used to give his Estima the ultimate custom audio system and individualistic style?

Craftsmanship of Customization: Sylvia Parts in a Daihatsu Esse

The popular "Tohoku 660 Series" is a race contested exclusively by kei-cars. We would like to introduce the machine of veteran driver Mr. Takeshi Otsuka, who competes in the Tohoku 660 Championship, which is contested by cars equipped with the new NA (naturally aspirated engine) standard. We will be looking at the secret of his machine makeup, in which he uses parts from vehicles other than mini-cars.

Chronicles of Restoration: Bringing a Camel Trophy Defender Back to Life

Among the many unique Land Rover Defenders on display, from rare limited editions to custom cars, one that stood out was the camel-colored Defender 90. We thought it was a replica of a common Camel Trophy car, but when we asked the owner about it, he told us that it was a real Camel Trophy participant. We asked him to introduce us to the real equipment.

Artistry of Innovation: How Startech Transformed the Land Rover Defender 110

Among the many Land Rover Defenders, from rare to the latest models, one that stood out for its individuality was a complete car customized by Startech. The rare Defender with a glass rear was an extremely rare model, of which only a few were available in Japan.

Inside the ‘Itasha’ Craze: How an Owner’s Passion for Sports Cars Led to a ‘Supra’ Itasha

Mr. "Tetsu" is a sports car enthusiast and anime fan. His current car is a Toyota Series 90 Supra fully wrapped in the anime "Kirara Fantasia", which is his favorite anime. The car's body is boldly painted with an original arrangement of the characters from the anime as "THE Itasha".

Timeless Tribute: 42 Years with the Nissan “Gazelle RS” and its Rally Machine Homage, the “240RS”

The Nissan Gazelle was released as a sibling of the Silvia. Mr. Homma, who drives the 'RS Extra' model of the Gazelle made famous by the popular TV drama 'Seibu Keisatsu', has been driving it for a whopping 42 years since he bought it new. Let's take a look at the Gazelle, which he says pays homage to rally machines.

The Art of Stancing: Elevating Honda Stepwgn with Unique Interior Touches

Mr. Daisuke Ryomoto bought the 'Stepwgn Spada' because he was attracted by the ability to use as much luggage space as possible and the introduction of a turbo engine. The owner, who has driven the 'Silvia' and 'Wagon R', takes a US-style approach to the Honda Stepwgn in detail.

Breaking Boundaries: The Unconventional Journey of Transforming Toyota Zero Crown

At a dress-up car contest held in Tochigi Prefecture, we spotted a blue 'Crown' with an edgy custom! It looks like a 22 Crown, but in fact, its base is an 18 Zero Crown, so it is truly an edgy custom vehicle. Let's take a look at its curious specifications.