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4WD Suzuki Kei-car “Carry Truck” Daringly Customized To 2WD

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TEXT: 賀川真弥(KAGAWA Shinya)  PHOTO: 賀川真弥(KAGAWA Shinya)

  • 4WD Suzuki Kei-car
  • 4WD Suzuki Kei-car
  • 4WD Suzuki Kei-car
  • 4WD Suzuki Kei-car
  • 4WD Suzuki Kei-car
  • 4WD Suzuki Kei-car
  • 4WD Suzuki Kei-car

Get the top of coolness, converting to two-wheel drive even in snowfall district

The specialty of the Japanese Kei-car is clearly usability in the Japanese environment. Kei-trucks or vans are currently not only for business use, but also for the new trend of hobby culture, and outdoor leisure. It means the good material for a custom base. At the “Toyama Kei-truck Meeting” held in Toyama pref. for the first time in three years, we found a cool Suzuki Carry Truck (1991 DD51T), that had been converted from four-wheel-drive to two-wheel-drive and stripped of non-essential parts.

Custom mind was ignited by Carry Truck, it was given as daily work

Toyama is well known for its heavy snowfall, Carry truck was the version for those districts, and four-wheel-drive is the standard equipment, but it was a barrier for low down. That is why conversion to two-wheel drive was needed.

“It was originally my uncle’s Kei-truck, and he gave it to me as a tool for daily work. But my custom spirit was ignited when I replaced the side gate with a wooden panel.”

Now time, the side gate was removed, cargo bed was also replaced with one-off tin parts. The front suspension is built with a modified spring from Wagon R (MC type) combined standard shock absorber getting the best performance by converted two-wheel-drive. To realize the best form of low down, the upper spring from MiniCab is assembled with a modified upper mount.

“The Dumpling-form(Dango) mount is originally inserted from the bottom of the upper mount. However, if you remove the Dumpling-form mount from the upper mount and reassemble the shocks, you can lower the ride height increasing shock stroke. You can find the improvement in ride comfort, but actually, it won’t bottom out.“

Because of removing the cargo bed, the rear fender was also gone. It means the choice of tire and wheels would be free. The selection from wide possibilities, wheels from BMW-MINI  option, BWA spoke style, 7.0Jx17inch was taken. The rubber set is  Bridgestone Potenza RE50, 195/45R17 for all. According to the regulation, the rear fender was set, it was made based on the Trike parts, best fitting for the car.

Intentionally Downgrading, calling “clanky (Pon-kotsu)” style

The bumper was painted matte black

“My friends call my black bumper style the “clunky style”. It’s just not well accepted in my hometown.”

The lower bush bumper is a modified version of Daihatsu Mira Gino. It’s lengthened behind the license base to meet the old standard and its joints are not visible.

The interior is bright and stylish, with moldings applied to match the recesses in the door linings. The assist grips are rope spec, and the shift knob was replaced with an original one made by dice. The steering from Nardi wood, In addition to that, the vasa for one flower from the VW beetle on the instrument panel.

The roof is covered with black plastic sheets(like a cardboard sheet made of plastic) showing off the quality difference between bare metal. The seat covers are hand-stitched, wood bar is decorated on the white wall.

The custom of this Carry was created by the two classmates from junior high school It is enviable that they are still able to get along and pursue their custom even after turning 30 years old.