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Suzuki Jimny Customized In Tough ATV Style

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TEXT: 佐藤 圭(SATO Kei)  PHOTO: 佐藤 圭(SATO Kei)

Jimny was very popular at Tokyo Auto Salon 2023

The Tokyo Auto Salon 2023 was held from 13 to 15 January 2023. This year, the Suzuki Jimny was on display alongside many of the latest models. Particularly eye-catching was the JB64 concept car with bold bodywork, exhibited by N’s Stage.

The body was boldly cut to give it an aggressive look

The theme of this concept model was “Jimmy Buggy”. It was built with an open feel like the soft-top cars that used to be in the range, and with a focus on high performance and safety.

The left and right doors, rear window, tailgate, and outer panels were cut out and fitted with a roll cage. The layout of the roll cage has been designed to ensure the rigidity of the body and open view.

The body effects that were selected included WALD’s “Black Design” front and rear bumpers, fenders, hood scoop cover, and front roof spoiler. The roof has also been replaced with the original FRP. The uniquely shaped large rear wing is also original.

Mr. Uehara, a car life consultant from N’s Stage said.

”People pay attention to its flashy looks, but we haven’t compromised on the Jimny’s original appeal, which is its off-road performance.”

Extraordinary off-road ability added to the Jimny

N’s Stage has an off-road track in Iwate Prefecture where customers can drive their cars. The suspension is an original kit with JAOS springs and OHLINS dampers. The leading and trailing arms are also reinforced by High Bridge First.

The wheels have been fitted with WORK “Crag Galvatre 2”, first shown at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2023. They are fitted with TOYO “Open Country M/T” tires, recognized for their performance in competition. Size is 8J x 16 front and rear with 245/75R16 tires, the deep rims and five spokes showcase the car’s power and agility. For a cast three-piece, it was surprisingly light.

The seats have been replaced with RECARO “RCS” full bucket seats, 3 inches wide, and fitted with four-point seatbelts to reduce body impact. The rear seats have been lowered using floor modifications rather than seat rails to lower the center of gravity and maintain stability when fully occupied.

The engine is stock, but an original performance ECU has been fitted. The silencers are WALD, with unique side duals. Even with the roll cage and full-body Raptor paint, the car weighs slightly less than stock. Extreme power upgrades such as a turbine change are not being considered so far.

Created by N’s Stage, the “N’s Limited JIMNY 660 CRAWLER” is a concept car with stunning looks, performance, and safety features that give the Jimny a new appeal.