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Comfortable Van-life Version Of The Suzuki’s Compact Car ‘Solio’

Suzuki's family-friendly compact car, the Solio is a popular minivan with a tall, tall body that is easy to use. Based on the Solio, the Okayama-based camping builder PaPa BUILD, which has produced many compact overnight models, has produced a model of a camper that can be used daily. We take a closer look at its interesting equipment.

Nissan ‘Serena’ As A Camper For Weekends Only!

The Nissan Serena P-SV proposed by Nissan P'S Fieldcraft is recommended for auto-camping. The main feature of this vehicle is its variable pop-up roof mechanism, which makes it easy to enjoy comfortable overnight stays in the car. It is a vehicle that can be used and utilized in multiple ways without compromising the usability of a first car.

Nostalgic Volkswagen ‘Type 3’ For Everyday Use And Family Camping

The event, where owners in classic cars dress up in stylish outfits matching their beloved cars and bring nostalgic items to enjoy car discussions, was called. MINANO SUNDAY PICNIC 2023 was held on 4 November 2023 at "Our Minano Base" in Minano Town, Chichibu County, Saitama Prefecture. Here are some of the cars and owners that caught our attention.

Kei-truck In Beautiful Coupe Style With Canopy!

This year's Osaka Auto Messe 2024 (hereafter OAM), a custom car festival, once again featured an array of remarkable machines. Among these, Kei-trucks remained as popular as ever. Among the many custom Kei-trucks lined up, AMW's focus was on the 'Grasshopper' series, with its flip-up canopy on the cargo bed and active playful spirit.

Mitsubishi Delica D:5 Customized In Nostalgic 90’s Style

This Mitsubishi CV1W Delica D:5 was a remodeled version of the style that was the high trend more than 30 years ago, it was made by the owner who experienced the cross-country custom boom of that time. It is a masterpiece of cross-country four-wheel-drive that made the streets go wild.

Suzuki’s Kei-car “Wagon R Smile” Evolves For Solo Vanlife

Yourbrand sells many parts for the interior of a wide variety of vehicles, and Yourbrand's newly released complete car is the "Malone", based on the Suzuki "Wagon R Smile".

Daihatsu Atrai With “Zaku II” Specs Is Amphibious!

Daihatsu HIJET Cargo and Atrai are popular work vehicles. The ATRAI WILDRANGER is a mobile exploration base based on the Atrai with a sense of adventure.

Suzuki’s Kei-car “Every” Customized Into A Cute And Useful Camper

Osaka Auto Messe 2023 was held at INTEX Osaka from February 10 to 12, 2023, and in the Active Life Zone, where many SUVs such as the Suzuki JIMNY were lined up, we saw a compact but very user-friendly Kei-car camper.