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Mastery of Camping: The Life of a Defender 110 Camper

Mr. Watanabe drives a campervan based on the Land Rover Defender 110 Hardtop and fitted out by Dormobile in the UK. Furthermore, the sight of him towing a camping trailer with the Defender gave him an outstanding presence in the meeting hall. When it comes to towing a huge trailer, one wonders if it will be able to handle the power.

Elegance of Exploration: The Toyota TownAce Transformed into a Classic Camper

It was MYS Mystic's Resistro series that introduced the concepts of 'stylish' and 'cute' to the industry, where practical and easy-to-use campers are much sought after. The series is being developed in increasing variations, with types to suit the owner's usage environment and purpose, as well as 'cute' campers that appeal to young people and women.

Hiace Innovations: Discovering the Retreat Package by Alpine Style

A record 660 custom cars gathered at the Osaka Auto Messe (OAM) 2024, held at Intex Osaka from 10-12 February 2024. From this event, we would like to introduce the Carica, a custom model based on the Toyota Hiace displayed at the Alpine Style booth.

Vintage Vibe: Exploring the Charm of the “Funny Rider” Kei-Truck Camper

Sitting in the midsummer sunshine of the Shonan Marina is a cute kei-truck camper. The front end is clad in a Ford Econoline-style face kit, while the rear is fitted with an FRP shell kit. It also carries a horizontal lift pop-up roof. Driving around town in such a stylish vehicle is sure to be a hit on social media.

Overland Camping Revolution: Kei-Trucks Take on a New Adventure

"GARAGE ILL" is well-known for its kits that transform your car into a nostalgic 80s "eyebrows" face by simply bolting onto Daihatsu's current "Hijet". This time, GARAGE ILL has come up with a new style that is sure to cause a stir in the light truck industry. It was an Overlander equipped with a roof-top tent with an outstanding wild mood.

From Neglect to Glory: The Revival Journey of Dodge ‘Charger’

"Let's Chill Out!" is a new style event that combines car shows and auto-camping around outdoor and custom cars. There was a wide variety of cars, including classic cars, American cars, and campervans, gathered to enjoy camping. Here are some cars and owners that caught our attention from the event.

A Nomadic Journey: The Joy of Car Camping in a Volkswagen Type 2

Let's Chill Out!" is a new style event that combines a car show and auto-camping, with outdoor and custom cars as its core. This time, we would like to introduce two people driving a VW Type 2.

Woodland Wanderer: Unveiling the Tranquil Beauty of Fuji Cypress in Camper Interiors

Mishima Daihatsu proposes a camper that uses Fuji cypress from Shizuoka Prefecture and offers the warmth of solid wood. The kei-camper, given the catchphrase "Traveling Little Log House" and the name "Quokka Wanabee", will surely be a messenger of happiness to its owner.