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Did The Honda ‘NSX’, A Former Press Test Car, Find A Buyer?

On 24 February 2024, a Honda NSX Type T was offered at an auction held by Iconic Auctioneers at Silverstone Circuit in the UK. The vehicle on display was a publicity vehicle prepared for loan to the media in the UK. We are pleased to report an interesting hammer price.

Why Did LIBERTY WALK Build The Ferrari ‘F40’ Based On The Mazda ‘AZ-1’?

The tiny "LB-WORKS LB40" stood out from the crowd at the Liberty Walk booth at the Osaka Auto Messe 2024. 2023 saw the production of the Ferrari "F40" works-style car, which became the talk of the world. This year, we scaled it down to a smaller scale and completed the "F40 replica that you can buy.

Why LIBERTY WALK Is Now Customizing The Lamborghini ‘Countach’?

Liberty Walk has created a machine full of charm that will grip the hearts of car lovers. The Lamborghini Countach was the car that the older generation was gazing at with a passionate gaze. The Countach, revived in 2019 by Liberty Walk, was made into a machine so cool that it made you shiver as the supercar.

Acura NSX Reimported By Honda Dealership Manager

Mr. Maeda also fell in love with the coolness of the export versions through his work. We would like to introduce you to Mr. Maeda's favorite car, Honda's North American Acura "NSX", he loves Honda so much that he is currently the manager of Honda Cars Fukuoka Omuta store.

Liberty Walk’s Ferrari 458 Has The Same Body Kit As Justin Bieber’s Car

The car shop Liberty Walk is famous for creating unusual supercars with customizations that no one would ever think of. At last year's Osaka Auto Messe 2023, three LB Silhouette Works-style cars were on display and were a big hit.

Ferrari F40 In “Bosozoku” Gangs Style Built By Liberty Walk

The Tokyo Auto Salon 2023 was again full of hottest custom cars in 2023. At the Liberty Walk booth, the most attractive car was the LB-WORKS F40, based on the Ferrari F40, which can be expected over 300 million yen (2.4 mil $).