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「open car」の記事一覧

From Generation to Generation: Reviving a Classic Honda ‘Beat Version Z’

368 Honda Beats & S660s gather at the “Holy Land” On October 22, 2023, the “THANKS! Yach […]

She’s a Classic: Lady Behind the Wheel of a Toyota Sports 800

This is a project in which 20-year-old female racing driver Ms. Rami Sasaki, who loves old cars, is asked to test drive a variety of old cars to give her honest impressions from a young person's perspective. This time, with the cooperation of the Endless 130 Collection in Nagano Prefecture, she rode a Toyota 'Sports 800', known affectionately as the 'Yota Hachi'.

Unveiling the Rarity: A Young Automotive Engineer’s Love for a Japanese Midship Open Car

Do you know the MR Spyder, an open sports car that Toyota Technocraft once produced just 92 units based on the second-generation Toyota MR2? 31-year-old Mr. Masato Itokawa has been lucky enough to have this rare car for nine years. We asked him why he, a professional automotive engineer, is so in love with it.

Behind the Wheel: Ms. Raika’s Journey with Her First Porsche, a Boxster 2.5

A PIT Autobacs Shinonome in Tokyo holds a morning meeting once a month on Sunday mornings, and the theme for September 17, 2023 was "Female Owners. Let me introduce a Porsche Boxster from the event.

Classic Charm: A Journey Through the Mazda Eunos Roadster’s Timeless Appeal

This is a series of articles in which we ask Aisaki Sasaki, a 19-year-old female racing driver who loves old cars, to actually drive an old car and give us her impressions from a young person's fresh perspective. This time, we will be looking at Japan's world-class convertible hit, Mazda's first generation NA model "Eunos Roadster".

Decade of Refinement: Uncovering the Unusual Minor Changes in Mazda’s ‘Roadster’

Ten years after its introduction, the Mazda Roadster has undergone an electronic platform renewal. Various improvements have been made, including redesigned headlights, a modern large monitor, a new asymmetric LSD, and a new electric power steering system. These improvements further enhance the driving pleasure that is typical of the Roadster.

Nissan March Cabriolet Was Customized As A Classic “Neo Fairlady”!

The base car for the "Neo Fairlady" concept car was a nostalgic Nissan K11 March Cabriolet. The car was built by 13 students from Nissan Automobile Technical College Kyoto's customize course.

Do You Know Daihatsu Leeza Spider? The Kei Convertible Car Rarer Than Honda Beat

When one thinks of Daihatsu's convertible models, the Copen, Kei-car comes to mind. However, more than ten years before the first-generation Copen was introduced, there was a car called the Leeza Spider, which was launched in 1991.