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Toyota ‘Hiace’ As A Mobile Motorcycle Garage!

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TEXT: 青木邦敏(AOKI Kunitoshi)  PHOTO: 青木邦敏(AOKI Kunitoshi)

Flat floor surface and strength

All the rear seats were removed, leaving only the driver’s and front passenger’s two legs to make room for the bikes. The floor is covered with GR8 STYLE’s original flooring kit, which realizes a flat floor surface and strength by layering plywood as a base. In addition, aluminum siding is applied only to the center of the bike storage area, and LED lights are used to illuminate the edges of the siding, an elaborate and hateful effect.

A GLAD swing tray is set up on the right side behind the driver’s seat to provide a space for helmets and small items. On the left side, a rear deck table is placed at the foot of the vehicle and can be used as storage for maintenance tools such as toolboxes and oil. A black steel rear window rack is also set on the left side to hang and secure frequently used tools. Furthermore, a rail has been added to allow for the hanging of rider’s jackets and other items.

For securing the bike, a front wheel clamp stand has been set up. In addition, a special pedestal is provided on the floor to ensure that the lashing belt can be tensioned stiffly.

A unit that is a perfect companion for your bike life

The interior is planned to be developed to be even more user-friendly in the future. The exterior parts fitted are the original bonnet, which is popular for its brave front face, front half-spoiler Ver 3, and side steps Ver 4, as GR8 STYLE also handles original body kits. The rear is fitted with an underliner.

The headlights have round eyes, but this was not made by GR8 STYLE, but the Boxy Style ZERO type face change kit. However, as an original specification, a yellow film was applied to the headlights to add an arrangement.

As for the suspension, a 3-inch lowering kit was installed. Although the recent trend for the Hiace is to use the Age style, the low-down style was dared to be used for the transporter specification because it is more convenient for carrying a motorbike.

The president himself is a motorbike enthusiast, so the ease of use is an endorsement. The transporter has a strong image of racing, but its use is not limited to that, and he also loads up his favorite car as a hobby and takes it on excursions. When you get there, you can switch to a motorbike and enjoy a comfortable ride. The Transporter is proposed as a vehicle that can accompany such a motorbike lifestyle.

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