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RAYS’ Must-see New Wheels From The OAM Venue!

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TEXT: 佐藤 圭(SATO Kei)  PHOTO: 佐藤亮太(SATO Ryota)

  • RAYS' booth at Osaka Auto Messe 2024
  • The newest gramLIGHTS brand to watch out for is 57NR
  • GT-R NISMO in RAYS colors on display
  • Toyota Land Cruiser equipped with A-LAP's new 05X
  • The limited edition color of the Volk Racing G025LTD is also noteworthy
  • A prototype ZE40X for off-road use was also exhibited for reference
  • TE37 SAGA S-plus 19-inch is finally available!
  • Volk Racing's G29 (reference exhibit)
  • Notable new items in the gramLIGHTS brand are 57NR
  • 2×9L-RA, a new addition to the Homura brand
  • VERSUS VV25R with sharp lines
  • A-LAP 05X FORGED for hard off-road driving
  • VMF L-01 is the focus of attention in the large aperture model
  • RAYS' booth at Osaka Auto Messe 2024

New ambitious RAYS wheels for 2024

Osaka Auto Messe 2024 was held from February 10 to 12, 2024, and RAYS covered all genres such as sports, minivan, SUV, and sedan, focusing on the recent trend of 21- to 22-inch large-diameter models. Here are some of the newest models that attracted a lot of attention.

The long-awaited 19-inch version of the TE37 SAGA S is now available!

First up is the Volk Racing ‘TE37 SAGA S-plus’, which boasts a high level of popularity in the sports category, with a 19-inch model that has been requested by many for some time and is now available in the line-up. The traditional 6-spoke design, lightweight and high rigidity have been retained, and the new model is suitable for a wider range of vehicles. The addition of a 20-inch version has also been decided, so we have high expectations for this.

Volk Racing is also focusing on the limited-edition colours of the ‘G025LTD’. The colour chosen to enhance the elegance and nobility of the wheel is black clear, an adult wheel that shows different expressions depending on the angle and brightness.

The first new Volk Racing series in seven years is the ‘NE24 club sport’, targeting the C-segment and available in two sizes, 18 and 19 inches.

An additional reference prototype is the ‘ZE40X’, which is designed for off-road use. A noteworthy new addition to the GramLIGHTS brand is the ’57NR’, which follows the 10-spoke tradition of the N-series while incorporating many new technologies to increase its strength. The size range is currently 17-18 inches, but it is said to be expanding further, so wait for further news.

A big breakout for the Toyota Hiace is expected to be the ‘2×9L-RA’, a new addition to the Homura brand. As the name suggests, it has a design with 2×9 cross spokes and comes in three colour patterns: gold, black and silver.

The VMF ‘L-01′ is the first choice for large-diameter models. It is a forged one-piece, split into only 21-inch sizes, with edgy, thin fins to emphasise the sense of leg length. Another feature is that the VIA limited load is set at 840 kg so that it can be safely used on the current Toyota Alphard/Vellfire and other heavy SUVs and EVs.

For those who enjoy hard off-road driving, we recommend A-LAP’s new ’05X’. The new A-LAP ’05X’ is the perfect choice for those who enjoy hard off-road riding, with its wide five-spoke design reminiscent of toughness, while the forged manufacturing process and the cutting of the meat out of various parts make it lightweight. RAYS wheels are no longer a dead spot. If you have one in mind, check out the website for more details.

translated by DeepL