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Unveiling the Rarity: A Young Automotive Engineer’s Love for a Japanese Midship Open Car

Do you know the MR Spyder, an open sports car that Toyota Technocraft once produced just 92 units based on the second-generation Toyota MR2? 31-year-old Mr. Masato Itokawa has been lucky enough to have this rare car for nine years. We asked him why he, a professional automotive engineer, is so in love with it.

Collaborative Ingenuity: HKS x Autobacs x Mitsuhiro Kinoshita’s Tuned Suspension

This time, we test-drove a Toyota "GR86" equipped with "HIPERMAX GATE SPEC", jointly developed by HKS and Autobacs, on city streets and winding roads. What are the capabilities that astonished writers specializing in tuning?

The Challenge of Pikes Peak: A Second Attempt with Toyota ‘Starlet’

Just before the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb 2024, a Toyota "Starlet" (EP82/1990), which will be competing for the second time, will leave Japan for the United States. What is inside the Starlet, which has been updated for the competition?

Elevating Impact: Gullwing Doors and Maziora Color in ‘KAZUKUN 8181’s’ Award-Winning ‘C-HR’

The gull-wing doors of Mr. "KAZUKUN 8181"'s Toyota C-HR, which was the overall winner in the Hybrid Compact category at "Drefes Kansai", made a huge impact. The car's gullwing doors have a huge impact. Furthermore, by applying the wrapping film with pinpoint accuracy, the car is thoroughly differentiated from other cars, making it a powerful car.

Unveiling the Miniature Marvels: HJ64’s Toyota ‘Probox’ Van Models in 1/64 Scale

Model manufacturer Hobby Japan has released the latest in its HJ64 series of the car's original brand, the die-cast 1/64 scale Toyota Probox Van DX, Probox Custom, and Probox Custom versions with roof carrier will be available for sale in July 2024. Here's a look at what's inside.

Toyota’s New ‘Crown Sport Z’: A Fusion of Comfort and Sportiness

The Crown Sport is the second model in Toyota's new Crown series, which began with the Crown Crossover. It is available in two models: the plug-in hybrid 'Sport RS' and the hybrid 'Sport Z'. We have test-driven the Sport Z to see how it performs.

Efficiency Meets Elegance: Organizing Work Tools in a Wood-Based Bed Kit

The owner of a Toyota Hiace with a 415 COBRA bad face bonnet and a powerful face is Mr. "G-polish", who does business trip coating. In the luggage space of his Hiace, which has many tools for work, everything from small tools to large tools is neatly and efficiently arranged.

Hiace’s Custom Triumph: The Spectacular Journey to Reader’s Choice Victory

The Toyota Hiace by Mr. "Eve Ace" won first place in the "Hiace Style Meeting" dress-up contest, as voted for by the readers of "Wagonist". What kind of specifications does this car with customisation worthy of this honour have? It was full of customisation ideas that Hiace riders would want to imitate in every way.