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Mitsuoka ‘M55 Concept Model’ Confirmed For Market Launch!

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  • MITSUOKA MOROR's 'M55 Concept'
  • MITSUOKA MOROR's 'M55 Concept'
  • MITSUOKA MOROR's 'M55 Concept'
  • MITSUOKA MOROR's 'M55 Concept'
  • MITSUOKA MOROR's 'M55 Concept'

Market launch expected in 2025

Mitsuoka Motor announced the ‘M55 Concept’ model in November 2023. Initially, it was said that there were no plans to commercialize it, but news suddenly broke that the company had decided to make it commercially available. What exactly is this concept model?

More than 1,300 letters were sent to the company with an eagerness to commercialize the model

The M55 Concept was created as a commemorative vehicle for Mitsuoka Motor, which celebrates its 55th anniversary on 1 February 2023. The main target group is “people of the same generation who have lived 55 years” as Mitsuoka Motor, and based on the various events they experienced as sensitive boys and girls, and the sense of the times in the 1970s, the concept model takes shape from the mindset of those who ran through the era, full of dreams and hopes at the time, and with great energy to change the future. It is a reflection of the mindset of the people who lived through the era, full of dreams, hopes, and great energy to change the future.

The base vehicle will be the Honda Civic. The design concept is “adult hatchback style”, with the image of an American muscle car. It is a car that is typical of the new Mitsuka line-up of American-style cars, which is also shared with the Rockstar and Buddy, which have already been discontinued.

At the time of the announcement, the company said: “There are no plans to commercialize this model. There are no plans to commercialize it, and no brochures are available.” However, on February 29, 2024, a release suddenly announced that the ‘M55 Concept’ was to be launched commercially.

The M55 Concept was on special display at the MITSUOKA Azabu Showroom/Gallery Azabu for less than three weeks after its launch in November. More than 1,000 pairs of visitors came to this venue, and the 14-day exhibition at the MITSUOKA Toyama Showroom in January 2024 also attracted more than 500 pairs of visitors.

In addition, more than 1,300 messages of support for the commercialization of the product were sent to the support message box on the special website. In response to these requests for commercialization, the M55 Concept was launched as part of Mitsuka’s “Building Exciting Cars” initiative to deliver even more of this excitement.

Official announcement No official launch has been decided yet, but only it will be launched commercially within the year 2025. It is also stated that “a major factor in this commercialization will be the fact that some prospect has been established for securing the number of units that can be supplied”, but it is likely to be the second Honda vehicle-based model to follow the Accord-based Nuella as a Mitsuka vehicle. Prices and delivery dates are yet to be announced, but we eagerly await this exciting vehicle.

translated by DeepL