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Toyota ‘Hilux Champ’ Expands The Future Of Pickup Truck Customization

The 45th Bangkok International Motor Show, held in Thailand from 27 March to 7 April 2024, was a success with 1.61 million visitors over 12 days. Along with the mainstay Hilux Revo (the Thai name for the Hilux), the Hilux Champ, the younger brother of the Hilux, with its chunky design, attracted a lot of attention at the Toyota booth. What kind of car is it?

Why did the Nissan ‘GT-R NISMO’ MY24 Set The Fastest Time At Tsukuba Circuit?

On 10 January 2024, the Nissan GT-R NISMO 2024 model set the fastest Tsukuba Circuit time for a mass production car. The time was 59.078 s. So how did they shave off the time? We reveal the secrets behind the speed of the GT-R NISMO, which has once again set a new milestone.

Toyota ‘GR Supra’ Is More Fun With A Four-cylinder Than A Six-cylinder!

The GR Supra, released in 2019, is one of the cars created in collaboration with BMW. The car's lineup includes the "RZ" with a 3L straight-six engine and the "SZ-R" and "SZ" with a 2L straight-4 engine. The "RZ" looks better when you look at power and displacement alone, but did you know that the 2L straight-4 model is also surprisingly highly regarded? Let us explain why.

Final Model of Nissan GT-R’s 17-year History Debuts

Nissan's high-performance GT-R has evolved into the 2025 model year. Ahead of the end of production in August 2025, probably the last R35 with only an internal combustion engine, here are the key points, changes, etc. As with the 2024 model, there will be a lottery, so contact Nissan if you are interested! There may still be time to get in.

Nearing The End Of Production!? Compared The Nissan ‘GT-R Nismo’ MY22 and MY24

The Nissan GT-R, which has been a long-selling model for a total of 17 years, is rumored to finally be discontinued with the 2025 model year. Therefore, we will once again take the MY24 and MY22 "Nismo Special Edition" for a long-distance test drive to highlight the differences in the two cars' personalities.

Nissan ‘GT-R Nismo’ And ‘Fairlady Z Nismo’ Are Aavailable In 1/43rd Scale!

Kyosho entertains fans around the world with its diverse lineup of model cars. The company has released the 1/43 scale Nissan "GT-R Nismo" & "Fairlady Z Nismo" and the 1/18 scale Motul AUTECH Z. Here is a look at the appeal of each model.

Nissan’s ‘Skyline NISMO’ Goes Above The ‘400R’

The current Skyline is now available in a limited edition Skyline NISMO model, which offers even more performance than the high-performance 400R model. It has "enough performance to awaken Skyline lovers", which convinced the author, who had given up on the Skyline at one point.

Ask The Designer About Nissan’s ‘Ariya NISMO’ Design Keyword: “Alteria Magma”

Nissan Motor also exhibited at Osaka Auto Messe (OAM) 2024. Among the many unique vehicles on display, the Ariya NISMO, based on the flagship electric SUV Ariya, attracted a lot of attention. We asked the designers about their particulars on the aggressively transformed exterior.