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Legends Collide: The Story Behind GR Yaris and OZ Racing Collaboration

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TEXT: XaCAR編集部  PHOTO: 芝 修(SHIBA Osamu)

  • 18inch Rally Graphite on a remodeled GR Yaris
  • Superturismo TGR-WRT
  • Superturismo TGR-WRT
  • Rally Desert TGR-WRT
  • Rally Desert TGR-WRT
  • The OZ Racing and TGR-WRT logos are double-named
  • 18inch Rally Graphite on a remodeled GR Yaris
  • Perfect match with GR calipers. Combined with the center caps, it gives the calipers a more genuine look

This model is reminiscent of the wheels fitted by the GR Yaris fighting in the WRC

The GR Yaris competing in the WRC wears wheels made by OZ Racing. In fact, the relationship between the two major brands is deep and has been going on since Toyota was competing in the WRC with the Celica. This time, TOYOTA GAZOO Racing and OZ RACING, which have a strong relationship in motorsports, have collaborated on a new wheel. 

A honeymoon relationship that has continued since the golden age of the Celica GT-FOUR

OZ Racing and the WRC-competing Toyota (TOYOTA GAZOO Racing) World Rally Team have a long history together, from the golden era of the Celica GT-FOUR in the 1990s to the modern-day GR Yaris, both of which continue to challenge the world’s roads in their quest for the top. The Superturismo TGR-WRT is a special collaboration replica wheel that will be released simultaneously worldwide in spring 2024. The base model is the Superturismo LM, made in Italy and equipped with a carbon centre cap with the TGR-WRT logo, while the double TGR-WRT and Orzetto Racing logos in the disc centre enhance the wheel’s special character.

Available in the same colors used by WRC machines

The biggest topic of all is the availability of the exclusive ‘Rally Graphite’ color that WRC machines wear, allowing you to inject the spirit of the WRC underfoot on the GR Yaris. Two types of TGR-WRT logos are featured on the center and on the discs to stimulate a sense of exuberance. When the Super Turismo TGR-WRT was fitted to the new GR Yaris, it was a perfect match. It is no exaggeration to say that this is a genuine product. The Rally Graphite and Race White settings are available for the GR Yaris.

The line-up also includes models best suited to Land Cruisers and other vehicles

The Rally Desert TGR-WRT, which has the same taste, will also be available. This model is recommended for Land Cruisers and other vehicles. While the design is the same as the Superturismo TGR-WRT, the size settings are 8.0J x 18, 50 inset, P.C.D. 139.7, and HOLE 6. With the birth of the two TGR-WRT models, Superturismo and Rally Desert, the relationship between GR and OZ has been further cemented.

translated by DeepL