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GR-YARIS(GR Yaris) 記事一覧

Inside the Ride: Exploring the Dual Love Affair with Toyota GR Yaris

The Toyota GR Yaris was put together with royal road tuning, including VARIS carbon aero parts, Rays TE037 limited edition wheels, and HKS intake and exhaust parts. The pursuit of speed, of course, has not been forgotten in the pursuit of coolness. The new GR Yaris (GR-DAT) is also scheduled to be introduced for the wife's use, and this customization is also something to look forward to.

The Red Bull GR Yaris Revolution: Racing Elegance, Street Swagger

Off-line meetings of the GR Yaris, where well-meaning friends get together, are held all over Japan, and the "GR Yaris owner's meeting in Tenryukyo" was held on 13 April in Nagano Prefecture. Around 100 GR Yaris were gathered from all over Japan. This time, one of the cars is colored to Red Bull GR Corolla specifications, driven by Rovanperä.

Unlocking Exclusivity: Inside the Transformation of Toyota GR Yaris RS into GRMN

Toyota's GR Yaris RS is a casual FF, NA and CVT-only model. One RS has been upgraded and customized with parts from the top-of-the-range 'GRMN' model. It has even been fully wrapped and its presence can be said to be on a par with the GRMN.

The GR Yaris Evolution: PONZ’s Journey from Daily Driver to Customized Marvel

The Toyota "GR Yaris" is favored by a wide range of owners, from serious circuit racers to custom street-use users. This time, we would like to introduce you to a car that is full of imported parts from overseas and is unlike anyone else's.

GR Yaris Chronicles: Exploring the Intense Impact of Midnight Purple

The GR Yaris is fully wrapped in Midnight Purple body color with Toms aero. It has an overwhelming impact. The owner, who wanted a compact 4WD turbo car, is very happy with his GR Yaris.

Exploring the Depths: Mr. KP’s GR Yaris and Its Vibrant Customization

The Toyota "GR Yaris" is favored by a wide range of owners, from serious circuit racers to custom street-use users. Here is the GR Yaris of Mr. "KP", the organizer of the "GR Yaris owner's meeting in Tenryu-kyo" held on April 13, 2024, in Nagano Prefecture.

The RAYS’ NE24 Revolution: Pioneering Design and Performance

The representative of RAYS' sports wheel brand VOLK RACING is the TE37 series. VOLK RACING TE37 was created in 1996 and since then has undergone numerous updates. The new generation "NE24" series may surpass such traditional masterpieces.

Beyond Expectations: GR Yaris’ Minor Upgrade with Major Impact

About three and a half years after its launch, the Toyota GR Yaris has undergone a minor change. GR calls this an evolutionary change, but the content is so diverse that it could be described as a full model change. Let us introduce you to it, including impressions.