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From Street to Circuit: Crafting the Ultimate R35 GT-R Experience

There are many different types of cars, genres, and ways to enjoy tuning cars, but the most popular type of tuning car is the sports car. In this issue, we take a close-up look at the new Nissan R35 "GT-R" demo car created by PROSHOP SCREEN, led by Mr. Hiroshi Chiba, a leading computer tuning expert in the Tohoku region.

KUHL JAPAN’s GT-R: Crafting the R35 2024 EDITION WIDE BODY – OAM’s Ultimate Showpiece?

Every year at the Osaka Auto Messe, the most popular exhibiting vehicle is awarded the Grand Prix, and exhibiting booths are presented with special awards and trophies as voted by the general public during the show. The winner of the 2024 dress-up and tuning car popular vehicle contest is "35R-2024EDITION WIDE BODY", a new concept model based on the Nissan GT-R by KUHL JAPAN.

Unlocking Rarity: Inside the World of Rare GT-R Models

CREWCH is a store in Mie Prefecture that specializes in GT-Rs. The store attracts many unique GT-R owners. Introduced here is Shinji Okuda, who drives a rare R35 GT-R Pure Edition for Track Pack. It was a miracle that it was a rare grade and a demo car of a former development driver.

Delving into the World of TopSecret: Crafting a Visionary Design for the R35 GT-R MY24

"TOPSECRET" is a long-established tuning shop that can be said to have walked alongside successive generations of Nissan GT-Rs. The R35 model also introduced a demo car right after its debut and has been pursuing its potential. We take a closer look at the appeal of the new front bumper, which was designed for the 2024 Nismo model.

Behind the Wheel: Discovering WinmaX’s Precision Crafted R35 Brake Components

Brake manufacturer WinmaX has developed new products for the R35 GT-R. The new brake rotors have a unique slit shape, and the brake pads have been tuned to match the characteristics of the R35. What is the special attention that went into the completely new brake rotors?

Turning Heads: The Impact Of Unique Colors On Nissan ‘GT-R’ Customization

CREWCH is a shop in Mie Prefecture that specialises in GT-Rs. The shop attracts many unique GT-R owners. This time, Ogura-san drives a rare Titanium Grey R35. Why did he suddenly switch to an R35 GT-R after driving a minivan all his life?

Why did the Nissan ‘GT-R NISMO’ MY24 Set The Fastest Time At Tsukuba Circuit?

On 10 January 2024, the Nissan GT-R NISMO 2024 model set the fastest Tsukuba Circuit time for a mass production car. The time was 59.078 s. So how did they shave off the time? We reveal the secrets behind the speed of the GT-R NISMO, which has once again set a new milestone.

Dunlop’s New ‘SPORT MAXX’ Tires Set An Amazing Record On The Nissan ‘GT-R NISMO’

Dunlop has developed a new high-performance tire for the R35 GT-R. When fitted to a fully stock GT-R NISMO 2024 model and time attacked at Tsukuba Circuit in Ibaraki Prefecture, the tires were 0.2 seconds shorter than the stock unit, reaching the 58-second mark. The secret of the performance is revealed.