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Light Up Your Nights: VELENO LED Bulbs for Nissan R35 GT-R Headlight Enhancement

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TEXT: 山崎真一(YAMAZAKI Shinichi)  PHOTO: 金秀研吾(KANEHIDE Kengo)/渡部祥勝(WATABE Hirokatsu)/増田貴広(MASUDA Takahiro)

  • The left side is VELENO's LED bulb, and the right side is the HID bulb that was originally installed
  • Image of HID bulb lighting
  • VELENO LED Bulbs
  • VELENO LED Bulbs
  • VELENO LED Bulbs
  • VELENO LED Bulbs
  • VELENO LED Bulbs
  • VELENO LED Bulbs
  • VELENO LED Bulbs
  • VELENO LED Bulbs

Easily change from HID to LED

LED headlights are now the mainstay of headlights fitted in new cars: brighter than HIDs, yet power-saving and long-lasting. The light distribution problem has also been cleared, so there is no reason not to choose them. The Nissan R35 “GT-R” has also been fitted with LEDs since MY14, but earlier models were fitted with HIDs, and this time we will introduce an item that “renews the latest eyesight beyond the later models”.

Consideration for oncoming traffic and pedestrians

The VELENO LED bulb brand from REIZ became known to GT-R fans through the joint development of headlight units for the R33 with Mr. Tsugio Matsuda. The company has also decided to focus on GT-R-related parts in the future. The second release is the ‘LED Headlight D2 D4’, which is compatible with the R35 GT-R’s MY13 and earlier HIDs. The LEDs can be easily converted to LEDs by replacing only the bulbs without having to remove the genuine HID unit (incidentally, it can also be fitted to BNR34).

First, a review of the VELENO LED bulbs before installation. VELENO LED bulbs are designed and developed in Japan and manufactured by a fabless system whereby overseas affiliated factories undertake the manufacturing, achieving both low cost and high quality. The company boasts industry-leading specifications for brightness, with data published by a third-party organization. This is in consideration of not wanting the customer to feel that the product is not as bright as the catalog values after it has actually been installed.

The LED chips have been uniquely optimized in terms of installation angle and position (patented) to take oncoming traffic and pedestrians into consideration. This has resulted in a high illumination power of 9400 lumens, but the light is concentrated on the roadside so that it is bright but not dazzling. The bulb unit also incorporates a chamber-tested fan on the back side to provide perfect heat protection. Every attention has been paid to every detail.

By the way, LEDs, unlike HIDs, do not emit ultraviolet rays, so they do not damage the inside of the plastic headlight covers. The covers do not deteriorate, which leads to lower running costs, etc. This was developed with the car enthusiast’s perspective in mind.

The difference in brightness from HID is obvious

The bulbs are compatible not only with the R35 genuine D2S but also with D2R/D4S/D4R and can be used on a wide range of vehicles. Installation on the R35 GT-R requires the removal of the inner liner inside the wing, but the bulb socket can be easily removed by removing the pin and pulling it toward you. The installation work is then completed by removing the bulb from the socket and putting it back in reverse order.

Try lighting the bulb immediately. The sample car had been replaced with an external HID high-wattage bulb instead of the genuine one, but everyone judged the VELENO LEDs to be brighter without the need to compare them. When you lower your eyes to the horizontal position of the light, it is quite dazzling, but when your eyes are higher than that position, it does not bother you. It’s a strange sensation, but it certainly doesn’t seem to bother oncoming traffic or pedestrians.

The color is a brighter white, giving the eyes a cool makeover. Not only does it ensure safety and security by improving visibility, but it also has a dress-up effect, so you can look forward to night drives.

Since its introduction in 2007, 17 years have passed for the R35, and the performance of the bulbs has declined to no small extent. You can replace them with the later Inazuma headlights, but VELENO’s replacement bulbs are a reasonably priced way to transform your headlights into LEDs with intense light. This is one of the best choices for owners who want to keep the previous year’s face.

translated by DeepL