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Hidden Gems: Exploring the Underrated Base ‘Skyline’ Models That Shaped the ‘GT-R’

The GT-R has become such an integral part of the Skyline story that the Nissan Skyline is often associated with the GT-R. But the Skyline also has a process by which it was able to achieve high performance thanks to its base model, and it is only now that the focus is exclusively on the GT-R that the appeal of the three base vehicle Skyline models can be re-evaluated.

Pursuing Dreams: The Journey to Acquiring the Coveted R33 GT-R from My Youth

A unique owner and his car visit a tuning shop specializing in the GT-R, Nissan's leading sports car. CREWCH in Mie Prefecture is one such shop. From among the owners who visit the shop, we introduce Mr. Satoshi Fukuda, who got his wish and acquired a BCNR33 in June 2023. What was the reason why he got a different unit from the one he had initially targeted?

Vintage Vibe, Modern Twist: Nissan March-Based ‘Fairlady’ Custom Unveiled by Students

Nissan Automobile Technical College is known for producing high-profile customized cars, and at the Nostalgic 2 Days event in February 2024, students from the customization department displayed the 'SETO' and 'I'm march', which have many old car elements. This section looks at the unique customization points of the students, which surprised the teaching staff.

Unveiling the Truth Behind the S20 Engine: Nissan’s Skyline GT-R Legacy Explored

The Nissan 'Skyline 2000GT-R' (PGC10, known as the 'Hakosuka') is a car that created a legend, a myth. It was the first mass-produced car in the world to be equipped with the S20 engine, a four-valve DOHC engine, and achieved a remarkable 50 victories in domestic races between May 1969 and March 1972. How was the engine refined and perfected to win races?

Unlocking Rarity: Inside the World of Rare GT-R Models

CREWCH is a store in Mie Prefecture that specializes in GT-Rs. The store attracts many unique GT-R owners. Introduced here is Shinji Okuda, who drives a rare R35 GT-R Pure Edition for Track Pack. It was a miracle that it was a rare grade and a demo car of a former development driver.

Pulsar, Langley, Liberta Villa: A Tribute to Nissan’s Legendary Trio of Cars

The "Three Pulsar Brothers" are probably what you recall when you hear the name "Nissan's Three Brothers". The three brothers are the Pulsar, Langley, and Libertabila, a Nissan trio that many young people admired in the 1980s.

Delving into the World of TopSecret: Crafting a Visionary Design for the R35 GT-R MY24

"TOPSECRET" is a long-established tuning shop that can be said to have walked alongside successive generations of Nissan GT-Rs. The R35 model also introduced a demo car right after its debut and has been pursuing its potential. We take a closer look at the appeal of the new front bumper, which was designed for the 2024 Nismo model.

The Essence of Elegance: A Journey into the R34 GT-R’s Subtle Customization

Mr Yasuyuki Kamaya, who has been driving the Nissan Skyline for many years, has acquired his dream car, the GT-R. He uses a lot of NISMO aero parts to make it look stylish, but the front mask remains stock.