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Woodland Wanderer: Unveiling the Tranquil Beauty of Fuji Cypress in Camper Interiors

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TEXT: 青木邦敏(AOKI Kunitoshi)  PHOTO: 青木邦敏(AOKI Kunitoshi)

The interior of the car is tailored like a mountain cabin or lodge

The interior also shows the attention to timber, with the cabin tailored to look like a mountain lodge or lodge, making it a very comfortable and relaxing space. It’s so cozy that you forget the passage of time.

The interior consists of six transformation palettes-large, medium, and small can be combined to create storage units, tables, and even a full-flat bed that can be laid out as a floor. The unfolded bed dimensions are 1850 mm long x 860 mm wide and can sleep two adults.

As for this transformation pallet, it also has a convenient feature that allows it to be used outdoors as a chair. It is washable even if it gets dirty, so it can also be used as a step stool, scaffold, or storage, expanding the possibilities for outdoor use.

Both local production for local consumption and the wishes of the representative

The representative of Mishima Daihatsu, Mr Uchimura, himself a long-time campervan user, has always had the desire to build a campervan that can be freely rearranged. The wood used was the local Shizuoka Fuji cypress, and after a process of trial and error, the result was a camper that could be arranged comfortably and conveniently in a limited space. The result is the “Quokka WANABY”, which combines local production for local consumption with the wishes of the representative of the company.

Of course, the basic equipment of a camper is also substantial: electrical systems such as DC and USB outlets are standard. In addition, optional equipment such as solar panels, a 200 Ah lithium-ion battery, a driving charge enhancement system, a refrigerator, and a microwave oven can be selected.

The Quokka Wanabee has a luxurious and comfortable interior made from Fuji cypress. As a running log house, it was one of those vehicles that made you want to go on a free-spirited journey.

translated by DeepL