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COROLLA-LEVIN(Corolla Levin) 記事一覧

Pinnacle of Design: Exploring the Toyota AE111 Levin/Trueno

When you mention the Toyota Corolla Levin/Sprinter Trueno, the first thing that comes to mind for many people is the fourth-generation model known as the AE86. What is the AE111, which seems to have been overshadowed by the AE86 and the Civic, the synonymous ten-rock sports car of the same generation?

For 38 Years, He Has Been Driving A Toyota AE86 ‘Corolla Levin’!

The Automobile Club Japan held the Yaho Tenmangu Shrine Old Car Festival in Kunitachi, Tokyo, on December 10, 2023, attracting about 190 famous cars ranging from prewar cars to supercars. In this issue, we introduce the owner of a beautifully refreshed Toyota AE86 "Corolla Levin".

What Are The “Three Cranes” In The Center Of RS Watanabe “Eight Spoke” Wheels?

RS Watanabe is a traditional Japanese wheel brand. Its flagship product, the "Eight Spoke", is a perennial favorite that debuted in 1968. In the center of the eight spokes of such a traditional RS Watanabe wheel is "three crane" marks. Do you know the origin of these crane marks?

Toyota AE86 Tuned To 160 HP With Engine For Late AE92

The Toyota AE86 "Corolla Levin/Splinter Trueno" is known as a special car that nurtures drivers, and racing driver Masahiro Sasaki is one of the drivers who was raised by the AE86. Let us introduce the ideal car that Sasaki has once again acquired and tuned.

253 HP! The First Toyota Corolla Levin Fully Restored And Tuned!

The first generation "Corolla Levin" exhibited at a classic car show was about 50 years old. But its shiny body, engine, and customization made it even more attractive and drew attention. 1974 Toyota TE27 "Corolla Levin" is a demonstration car of "Garage Ohya" in Chiba, eastern Japan, which specializes in restoration.