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Daihatsu ‘Copen’ Transformed Into A Machine From The Nostalgic Anime “Speed Racer”

Many car enthusiasts must feel nostalgia for Tatsunoko Productions' anime "Speed Racer (Mach GoGoGo in Japan)". The 'Mach-Go (Mach machine)' from the anime appeared at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2024. The base of the car was a Daihatsu Copen, which was a surprise! We spoke with OEP (Okada Enterprises), the company that produced this very special custom car.

Daihatsu’s Kei-car ‘Atrai’ Gets A ‘Chevy Van’ Face!

The new ATRAI FUZZ from DAMD, which coordinates cars tastefully and fashionably, was on display at Osaka Auto Messe 2024 (OAM). The design concept this time is 'retro design x outdoor'. It was a vehicle that strongly reminded us of the good old days of vintage America.

Kei-truck In Beautiful Coupe Style With Canopy!

This year's Osaka Auto Messe 2024 (hereafter OAM), a custom car festival, once again featured an array of remarkable machines. Among these, Kei-trucks remained as popular as ever. Among the many custom Kei-trucks lined up, AMW's focus was on the 'Grasshopper' series, with its flip-up canopy on the cargo bed and active playful spirit.

Toyota “Hiace” With “Defender” Face From DAMD!

DAMD, which has released many body kits that transform the image of cars, had a booth at the Osaka Auto Messe (OAM) 2024. This time we introduce the FUZZ, based on the Daihatsu Atrai one-box kei-car, and the DEFACE, based on the Toyota Hiace.

Lexus’ Genuine Red Color Complements Daihatsu’s “Tanto Custom”

The owner of a Daihatsu Tanto Custom, the overall winner of the "King of Kei-car Meeting", was initially satisfied with an after-market body kit for commuting, but his customization escalated rapidly.

Daihatsu’s Kei-car Hijet Cargo Is Now A Super Compact Camper

Metio is a manufacturer of attractive and practical campers based on Kei-cars and compact vans. The company also offers campers under the "Rakuneru" brand. The Rakuneru series has been joined by the Rakuneru Lili, a camper based on a female-inspired Hijet Cargo.

Daihatsu Hijet Truck Jumbo & Copen With “Weekend Racer” Specifications

Let us introduce you to the HIJET trucks with extendable cargo beds that were on display at the Daihatsu booth at the 2023 Osaka Auto Messe. Named "HIJET TRUCK JUMBO EXTEND", the main feature of this vehicle is its extended cargo space. It is a set of two vehicles with the "COPEN CLUBSPORTS".

Daihatsu Atrai With “Zaku II” Specs Is Amphibious!

Daihatsu HIJET Cargo and Atrai are popular work vehicles. The ATRAI WILDRANGER is a mobile exploration base based on the Atrai with a sense of adventure.