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Vibrant Vibes: Mi-yan’s Enchantment with the Challenger Shaker’s Unique Features

Once a month, A PIT Autobacs Shinonome in Tokyo holds a morning meeting on Sunday mornings. Here is a Dodge "Challenger Scat Pack Shaker" from the event.

Customized Charisma: The Car Life Chronicles of “Chisato Channel”

Loving muscle cars and big cars from the film "The Fast & Furious", Ms "Chisato Channel" bought a 2011 Dodge Charger three years ago. "Chisato Channnel", who is popular for sharing her car life on the YouTube channel "Chisato Channnel", has customized her car for convenience, ease of use, and design.

The Charm of American Cars: Exploring mika’s Journey with the Dodge Charger

As a lover of America who has visited the country many times on trips, and with the influence of her brother, who is an American car driver, "mika" acquired her dream American car, a Dodge Charger. What kind of attention to detail is put into the Charger, which is customized with a DIY interior and partially incorporates genuine parts?

From Neglect to Glory: The Revival Journey of Dodge ‘Charger’

"Let's Chill Out!" is a new style event that combines car shows and auto-camping around outdoor and custom cars. There was a wide variety of cars, including classic cars, American cars, and campervans, gathered to enjoy camping. Here are some cars and owners that caught our attention from the event.

Listen to Her Roar: Dodge ‘Challenger R/T’ Owner Cracks a Window Even in the Cold

The Girls Car Collection, a girls-only, boys-only event, was held on 23 November 2023 in Tokyo. Among the approximately 30 cars owned by car-loving girls, we spoke to the owner of an American muscle car, a Dodge Challenger, which she had just bought in the summer.