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Ex-Police Car, Porsche 912, Was Revived By An Ex-Police officer By DIY!

The "New Year Classic Car Meeting in Kiyasse Hanyu" was held on January 8, 2023. The qualification for participation was cars produced between 1946 and 2000, and this year there were 170 cars entered. Among them, we would like to introduce a Porsche 912 with police car specifications that stood out.

Stopped Skyline GT-R’s Winning Streak! Mazda Savanna Was Popular For Its Rotary-Engine

Mazda launched its first rotary engine vehicle, the Cosmo Sport, in 1967, followed by the Familia Rotary Coupe. It was the Savanna that proved its heroics in racing in a big way: the RX-3 was the export name, and in Japan, it was simply called the Savanna. This led to the Savanna RX-7.

Minister Sanae Takaichi’s Toyota “70 Supra” Has Been Restored!

It was an action no one expected. On 29 October, 2022, at Nara Toyota's Tawaramoto headquarters, Liberal Democratic Party Minister for Economic and Security Affairs Sanae Takaichi attended a ceremony to mark the completion of the restoration of her long-time A70 Supra.

Toyota Crown Has Had Many Unique Models In The Past

Many people may have been surprised when the new Crown was unveiled. The information that it would be an SUV had already been available, so that made sense, but it was surprising to see a sedan and a wagon in the line-up.

Do You Know Daihatsu Leeza Spider? The Kei Convertible Car Rarer Than Honda Beat

When one thinks of Daihatsu's convertible models, the Copen, Kei-car comes to mind. However, more than ten years before the first-generation Copen was introduced, there was a car called the Leeza Spider, which was launched in 1991.

Driving Again Toyota GA70 Supra, And Now Owns 8 Of Them

Mr. Honyo, who was one of the entrants to the event with a 1986 Supra GT Twin Turbo, told us that he had bought a different GA70 Supra from this one with a part-time job during school days.

Almost Original Nissan “Kenmeri” GT-R Existed!

CREWCH, a classic car shop in Mie Prefecture, runs the CREWCH Museum, which houses a collection of rare and valuable models. This white 1973 Nissan Skyline 2000 GT-R, as known as the "Kenmeri" GT-R, is one of the cars in their collection.

Cute And Funny Honda Vamos, The 70’s Kei-car Born Too Soon

The Honda Vamos, introduced in 1970, had a unique body design. The open style styling was provided only with a top, no doors, and a guard pipe to prevent falls. Let's take a look back at the car's novelty and appeal.