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“Osaka Auto Messe 2024” Is A Family-friendly Automotive Customization Festival

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  • Image of the events in Osaka Auto Messe 2024
  • Image of the events in Osaka Auto Messe 2024
  • Image of the events in Osaka Auto Messe 2024
  • Image of the events in Osaka Auto Messe 2024
  • Image of the events in Osaka Auto Messe 2024
  • Image of the events in Osaka Auto Messe 2024
  • Image of the events in Osaka Auto Messe 2024
  • Image of the events in Osaka Auto Messe 2024
  • Image of the events in Osaka Auto Messe 2024
  • Image of the events in Osaka Auto Messe 2024

OAM is full of events you will want to experience

“Osaka Auto Messe” 2024 will be held at INTEX Osaka (Suminoe-ku, Osaka, Japan) from 10-12 Feb 2024. In addition to new models from Japanese car manufacturers, the event also features a large collection of customised cars in the latest styles, as well as many attractive events. Let us give you the details.

SUPER GT cars make an appearance! Driver talk shows too

Machines from SUPER GT, Japan’s premier automobile race, will be on show at Osaka Auto Messe 2024, with a spectacular line-up of GT machines from the Toyota, Honda and Nissan teams competing in the GT500. This is a rare chance to see the GT machines up close and personal, so experience the power of the machines for yourself. The cars on display will be the No.90 GR Supra GT500, No.99 NSX-GT (development vehicle) and No.23 MOTUL AUTECH GT-R 【2019】.

Driver talk shows will be held on the main stage / SUPER GT booth in Hall 6A. It is recommended to touch the fascination and power of Super GT as told by the drivers and review the preparation before the start of the 2024 series. The Okayama International Circuit, the official shop and the Supporters’ Club will also be exhibiting, so don’t forget to drop by.

YOKOHAMA presents SUPER GT Kids Karting Experience

SUPER GT Kids Karting will be held in a special area in the corridor between Hall 3 and Hall 6. At the special hands-on event, provided by Yokohama Rubber, children can actually drive the kids’ karts. This event is a great gateway to motorsport and a great way to experience the appeal of the sport, so get excited and join in.

EV smart mobility experience area

Test-ride events will be held where visitors can experience a range of the latest smart mobility products. Try driving EV smart mobility vehicles for safer, more convenient and more efficient travel. Entry on the day is OK (※Note: for those with a moped regular car driving licence)

JAF traffic safety awareness activities & children’s licence

During the exhibition, visitors can learn about traffic safety using the Child Seat Convincer (a vehicle that demonstrates the effectiveness of using child seats) at the JAF Kansai Headquarters’ ‘Traffic Safety Awareness Activities’. Families with children should check out the original children’s licence, which can only be obtained at the Osaka Auto Messe.

Self-Defence Force vehicles will be here

Vehicles of the Self-Defence Forces and its official mascot, Mamoru-kun, which are usually hard to see up close, will be at the venue. This is a great chance to photograph rare vehicles from your favourite angle.

4WD hill climbing kit experience corner

There will be an event where visitors can experience the power and 4WD performance of Mitsubishi vehicles by driving the Mitsubishi Delica D:5 up a steep hill with a maximum incline of 45 degrees and a driving kit that simulates harsh road conditions. Participation in this thrilling and extraordinary driving experience is a must.

EyeSight collision avoidance test drive experience

At the Subaru Safety Experience Park, you can experience the EyeSight Collision Avoidance Test Ride by riding in the new Layback. See its performance for yourself.

NCCR2024 vehicle display.

A great selection of classic and exciting cars. You can meet powerful supercars and rare vehicles, so make sure you visit the venue. (※Note: Sunday 11 Feb only)

Tamiya RC Car Grand Prix in Auto Messe.

During the exhibition, Tamiya will hold the Tamiya Grand Prix in Auto Messe, an electric RC car race by Tamiya. Enter and watch the heated races. A huge food court and toy and hobby-related facilities will be set up at the venue, so kids and families can enjoy themselves all day long.

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Details of each event will be released as soon as they are decided, so please check the official websites.

Osaka Auto Messe 2024 official website:
SUPER GT official website:
JAF official website:
JSDF Osaka Regional Cooperation Headquarters official website (Japansese):
Mitsubishi Delica D:5 official website (Japanese): https://www.
Tamiya official website:

Did you know that the Osaka Auto Messe offers a very welcome service for families to come and enjoy the show: for everyone general admission ticket, admission is free for up to one junior high school student and under, as long as they are accompanied by a parent or guardian (junior high school students must show proof of age, such as a student identification card).

And until 9 February, the day before the event, advance tickets are also on sale. General tickets are ¥3,000 on the day of the event (including consumption tax), but ¥2,700, and special discount tickets (for U-22 and disabled people) are ¥1,500 on the day of the event, but ¥1,250 with advance sales. If you are planning to visit the Osaka Auto Messe, why not make use of advance sales?

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