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  • Micro EV Designed By “Dragon Ball” Author Akira Toriyama Is Back!

  • Decoding Sensuality: Exploring the Captivating Costumes of 2024 Osaka Auto Messe

  • Elevating Impact: Gullwing Doors and Maziora Color in ‘KAZUKUN 8181’s’ Award-Winning ‘C-HR’

  • Classic Charm: A Journey Through the Mazda Eunos Roadster’s Timeless Appeal

  • The GR Yaris Evolution: PONZ’s Journey from Daily Driver to Customized Marvel

Quest Fulfilled: The 20-Year Journey to Acquire a Nissan Gazelle

Did you know that the sibling of the Nissan S110 "Silvia" was the "Gazelle"? Here is the story of the owner, Mr. Sarutani, who has been searching for a turbo model of such a Gazelle for 20 years and finally obtained it. What kind of car is this model that he has admired since he was in junior high school?

Interview with STI’s New President: The BRZ Developer’s New Role at STI

Mr. Hiromi Tamou, the new president of STI, is a key person in the development of the first-generation BRZ. In this interview, we asked him what he would like to do at STI in his new position. He is a car enthusiast who says, "The response to the steering wheel is what is important," so we have high expectations for new developments.

Spirit of Microcars: A Deep Dive into the World of Mitsuoka K-3 Enthusiasts

As they say, "The Germans invented the car, the French turned it into a business, and the British play with it", and in the field of cars, Britain has long been a major hobby nation. One of the unique British car hobby cultures is the 'kit car' genre. So when you hear the word 'kit car', you first think of the UK, the home of the genre, but of course it is not exclusive to that country. In Japan, Mitsuoka Motor, well-known for its small cars, also sold kit cars.

Revving Up Commutes: A Rare Glimpse into the Honda ‘Life Light Van’

The Life Light Van is a derivative model of the Honda Life. This light van model is a rare vehicle with very few units produced. The owner, who uses such a Life Light Van for commuting, also owns several other Honda 360cc vehicles. What kind of a luxurious old car life is this?

From Manga to Reality: The Epic Saga of the ‘Wangan Midnight’ Porsche 911 Turbo

There have been many car-themed manga drawn. Among them, "Wangan Midnight" is a very famous manga set in the Tokyo metropolitan area. The main character's Fairlady Z car was just as popular as the Porsche 911 Turbo (930). Here is its live-action version.

Unleashing the Last Roar: The Rotary Heart of the Westfield ‘Super Seven’

Based on the Westfield "West Sport" from the British company Westfield, Mr. Mori enjoys a machine that is too clean, with no roof, no doors, and no windscreen...... as his beloved car. If you look closely, you will be intrigued because, surprisingly, the engine, which is the power knit, is a 13B rotary specification!

11 Years of Passion: Transforming a Nissan GT-R into a Liberty Walk Masterpiece

A representative Japanese custom store that is no longer unknown in the world of car enthusiasts is Liberty Walk. As a leader in the creation of body kits that boldly cut and widen the stock bodies of rare supercars and sports cars, Liberty Walk is very popular around the world. Mr. Takayuki Miyashita, the owner of the Nissan "GT-R" introduced here, acquired his car because he admired the Liberty Walk specifications.

Mastering the Scale: A Deep Dive into the DIY Diet of Suzuki’s “Alto” for the Racing Scene

The 3rd class of the "Tohoku 660 Championship," a race contested by new-standard NA engine kei-cars. To prevent experienced drivers from sitting on the podium endlessly, there is a rule that prevents participation once the number of podium finishes reaches a certain number. We would like to introduce Mr. Tomu Ohori and his Suzuki Alto, which has distinguished itself in these entry-level classes.

Craftsmanship of Customization: Sylvia Parts in a Daihatsu Esse

The popular "Tohoku 660 Series" is a race contested exclusively by kei-cars. We would like to introduce the machine of veteran driver Mr. Takeshi Otsuka, who competes in the Tohoku 660 Championship, which is contested by cars equipped with the new NA (naturally aspirated engine) standard. We will be looking at the secret of his machine makeup, in which he uses parts from vehicles other than mini-cars.

Art of Racing: From Commutes to Competition in K-Cars

The "Tohoku 660" series is a race for kei-cars only in which many racers, from youngsters to veterans, compete. In this issue, we introduce a young man who has just made his racing debut. He is one of the racers who has experienced the fun of driving as well as the rigors of racing and is looking forward to growing up. What is the practice method he used to improve his driving technique when he was at university?

Joy of Driving: Rediscovering My Honda CR-X Del Sol

The main feature of the Honda CR-X Del Sol is its retractable hard top. This was Honda's answer to the need to combine the fun of open-air motoring with the weather resistance of a coupe. Mr. Monya (文屋) purchased the CR-X Del Sol again, which was his favorite car during his college days, and loves it as his favorite car. We asked him about its appeal.

Passion of Collecting: Nissan Pulsar GTI-R Enthusiasts

AMW has reported that a 1991 Nissan "Pulsar GTI-R" from Japan was prepared to participate in the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, which held its final on June 23, 2024 in the United States. In Colorado Springs, a town at the foot of Pikes Peak, a meeting with a passionate Pulsar owner was waiting for us.

Mystique of Choice: Why Ye Prefers the Isuzu VehiCROSS

Ye, aka Kanye West, is one of the world's most popular rappers, both at home and abroad, and is also known as a genuine car enthusiast. He has driven numerous supercars, but there are rumors that he is driving an Isuzu Vicross (as of 2023). We look back at what kind of car it is, examining its specs and concept, to find out why Ye chose it.

Sophistication of Space: Lexus LM’s Latest 3-Row Addition

The long-awaited three-row, six-passenger "Version L" has been added to the Lexus LM luxury minivan. Developed with an emphasis on creating a relaxing interior environment that respects the personal touch of the occupants, Version L will be priced at 15 million yen, 5 million yen less than the "Executive" version.

Shift of Preference: Choosing the New Defender Over a Jeep

At the Land Rover Defender gathering, which attracts many unique vehicles, we spoke to one of the owners of the new Defender 110 about his car. Owner Mr. "Oaty" used to drive a Jeep Grand Cherokee for about 10 years, so why did he decide to switch?

Journey of Influence: Why Japanese Ford Enthusiasts Choose Fiesta ST-2 After Importer’s Exit

European Ford Meeting (EFM) 2023 was held at Hamanako Garden Park South Rotary in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka Prefecture. This was the 8th EFM, although the event had to be canceled due to the Corona disaster. This issue introduces the Ford Fiesta ST-2, which took part in the event.