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A Decade of Automotive Love: Exploring the Nissan S13 Silvia to R32 GT-R to Ford Focus RS Journey

Today, Ford is divided into two major groups: Ford of the United States and Ford of Europe, which was established through the merger of Ford of the United Kingdom and Ford of Germany. This time, we would like to introduce some of the participants from the European Ford Meeting 2023, an event for European Ford owners.

Decades of Legacy: Unveiling the Secrets Behind a 46-Year-Old Toyota Celica Liftback

A closer look reveals a Toyota Celica Liftback with various customizations. The owner, Mr. Kobayashi, inherited this car from his brother, and has maintained the original paint job, making it a virtually one-owner vehicle that retains its original appearance. We asked him about the reason for its excellent condition.

Crafted Brilliance: Toyota Estima with Double Stacked Lip & DIY Acrylic Custom Audio

Toyota "Estima" with handmade finish using professional-looking acrylic work. The owner, Mr. "yu-kun" is proud of the custom audio system he created himself. What are the tricks he used to give his Estima the ultimate custom audio system and individualistic style?

Craftsmanship of Customization: Sylvia Parts in a Daihatsu Esse

The popular "Tohoku 660 Series" is a race contested exclusively by kei-cars. We would like to introduce the machine of veteran driver Mr. Takeshi Otsuka, who competes in the Tohoku 660 Championship, which is contested by cars equipped with the new NA (naturally aspirated engine) standard. We will be looking at the secret of his machine makeup, in which he uses parts from vehicles other than mini-cars.

Chronicles of Restoration: Bringing a Camel Trophy Defender Back to Life

Among the many unique Land Rover Defenders on display, from rare limited editions to custom cars, one that stood out was the camel-colored Defender 90. We thought it was a replica of a common Camel Trophy car, but when we asked the owner about it, he told us that it was a real Camel Trophy participant. We asked him to introduce us to the real equipment.

The Legacy Lives On: Uncovering the Journey of Nissan R32 Skyline GT-R Across Two Generations

The Nissan R32 "Skyline GT-R" went on sale in August 1989 and was produced until 1994. Since 24 years have already passed since its birth, it is natural that many of them are over-matured, but at an event, we found a low-mileage car with mileage still less than 30,000 km. We would like to introduce Mr. Chihiro Miyazaki's car, which has been carefully passed down from father to son for two generations.

Quest Fulfilled: The 20-Year Journey to Acquire a Nissan Gazelle

Did you know that the sibling of the Nissan S110 "Silvia" was the "Gazelle"? Here is the story of the owner, Mr. Sarutani, who has been searching for a turbo model of such a Gazelle for 20 years and finally obtained it. What kind of car is this model that he has admired since he was in junior high school?

Art of Racing: From Commutes to Competition in K-Cars

The "Tohoku 660" series is a race for kei-cars only in which many racers, from youngsters to veterans, compete. In this issue, we introduce a young man who has just made his racing debut. He is one of the racers who has experienced the fun of driving as well as the rigors of racing and is looking forward to growing up. What is the practice method he used to improve his driving technique when he was at university?