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Customizing A Rare VW-based Purvis ‘Eureka’ In A Futuristic Anime Style!

The official name of this futuristic supercar is the "Purvis Eureka", which was built as a kit car by an Australian coachbuilder in 1975. This car, believed to be the only one still in existence in Japan, has been transformed into a futuristic car by its owner, Ryu-chan.

Why did the Nissan ‘GT-R NISMO’ MY24 Set The Fastest Time At Tsukuba Circuit?

On 10 January 2024, the Nissan GT-R NISMO 2024 model set the fastest Tsukuba Circuit time for a mass production car. The time was 59.078 s. So how did they shave off the time? We reveal the secrets behind the speed of the GT-R NISMO, which has once again set a new milestone.

Spoon Sport’s Honda ‘NSX-R GT’ Sold For 368,000 USD

On 29 February 2024, a Honda NSX-R GT by Spoon was offered at an auction held by Bonhams in Amelia, Florida, USA. The car competed in the 2008 Macau GP Road Sports Challenge, finishing third in class. The price at which it was sold was a result that Japanese racing fans were very proud of.

Young Driver Who Competes In A Kei-car Race, In A Suzuki ‘Alto’

The 2024 season of the Tohoku 660 Championship, a race exclusively for Kei-cars, was held on April 14, and the major topic of the 2023 season was the dramatic increase in the number of participants in Class 4, with the majority of them driving the HA36 Suzuki Alto AGS (2-pedal). The winner of the class, Masaki Inomata, is one to watch for the 2024 season.

Toyota’s Station Wagon ‘Mark II Qualis’ Was A ‘Camry Gracia’ Inside

The Mark II Qualis was introduced in April 1997 as a new model of the Toyota Mark II Wagon. Although the front mask and tail lamps wore a design similar to that of the eighth-generation Mark II, the platform was not for the RWD Mark II but for the FWD Camry Gracia. Why was a 4WD model added to the line-up, which the previous generation did not have?

Toyota ‘GR Supra’ Is More Fun With A Four-cylinder Than A Six-cylinder!

The GR Supra, released in 2019, is one of the cars created in collaboration with BMW. The car's lineup includes the "RZ" with a 3L straight-six engine and the "SZ-R" and "SZ" with a 2L straight-4 engine. The "RZ" looks better when you look at power and displacement alone, but did you know that the 2L straight-4 model is also surprisingly highly regarded? Let us explain why.

Toyota ‘Corona EXiV’ Established The Popularity Of The 4-door Hardtop Coupe

The Corona EXiV was introduced in 1989 as the successor to the Toyota Corona Coupe. It was fully remodeled in 1993, and a racing machine based on the Corona EXiV was entered in the All-Japan Touring Car Championship, which was popular at the time, from 1994. We take a fresh look back at the car.

Dunlop’s New ‘SPORT MAXX’ Tires Set An Amazing Record On The Nissan ‘GT-R NISMO’

Dunlop has developed a new high-performance tire for the R35 GT-R. When fitted to a fully stock GT-R NISMO 2024 model and time attacked at Tsukuba Circuit in Ibaraki Prefecture, the tires were 0.2 seconds shorter than the stock unit, reaching the 58-second mark. The secret of the performance is revealed.