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Artistry of Innovation: How Startech Transformed the Land Rover Defender 110

Among the many Land Rover Defenders, from rare to the latest models, one that stood out for its individuality was a complete car customized by Startech. The rare Defender with a glass rear was an extremely rare model, of which only a few were available in Japan.

Timeless Tribute: 42 Years with the Nissan “Gazelle RS” and its Rally Machine Homage, the “240RS”

The Nissan Gazelle was released as a sibling of the Silvia. Mr. Homma, who drives the 'RS Extra' model of the Gazelle made famous by the popular TV drama 'Seibu Keisatsu', has been driving it for a whopping 42 years since he bought it new. Let's take a look at the Gazelle, which he says pays homage to rally machines.

Power of Persistence: Securing a Rare ‘Defender’ from Holland

The Land Rover Defender 130, with its huge body measuring over 5 m in length, is a long-wheelbase pick-up model. When we spoke to Mr. Oyamada, the owner of such a pick-up, he told us that he had obtained this unit by importing it directly from the Netherlands. How does he enjoy outdoor life with this big-bodied Defender?

Exploring the Next Chapter: Toyota GR86 and Subaru BRZ Enter the ‘C-Type’ Era

The GR86 & BRZ have been partially improved for the second time now that they are current models. These are the so-called 'C-type' models: the BRZ has undergone only minor changes, while the GR86 has been modified to the point of changing its ride quality. The BRZ also got a new 'STI Sport' model, while the GR86 got a special edition model to mark the 40th anniversary of the AE86's birth.

Journey of Inheritance: The Story of a Father-Son Defender

Mr. Funayama owns a soft-top version of the Land Rover Defender 90, released for North America. It is one of the few soft-top versions in the US, and even rarer when re-exported outside the US. How did he come to acquire such a Defender?

Timeless Treasures: The Best of Classic Cars at Wakanura Marina City

"Classic Car Fest 2024 in Wakayama Marina City" was held on 27-28 April 2024, the first half of the GW period, at the Wakayama Marina City No.1 parking lot as one of the TV Wakayama 50th Anniversary Thanks Festival events. Here is a report from the day.

Fusion of Styles: Enhancing the Nissan Serena with Unique Tuning

Mr. Shimo has tuned his Nissan Serena not only to look cool, but also to drive well. What is the secret behind this unique style? Let's take a closer look at the tuning menu.

Bespoke Brilliance: The Harrier Journey with a Touch of Practicality

The Toyota Harrier, with its sticky ride height and full of power from all angles, is Mr. "Seaman"'s car. The Harrier, which is usually used by his wife for commuting, was designed with his wife in mind, with air suspension installed for practicality and seats that are easy to get in and out of.