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BRIDE ‘Ergoster’ Seat, Less Than Bucket, More Than Stock

BRIDE's "Ergoster" is a seat for street use developed by utilizing the know-how of sports seats. It has a flat seat surface for ease of getting in and out of the car, and an overall compact form. It is a seat that can be reclined to match a variety of car models.

Dunlop’s New ‘SPORT MAXX’ Tires Set An Amazing Record On The Nissan ‘GT-R NISMO’

Dunlop has developed a new high-performance tire for the R35 GT-R. When fitted to a fully stock GT-R NISMO 2024 model and time attacked at Tsukuba Circuit in Ibaraki Prefecture, the tires were 0.2 seconds shorter than the stock unit, reaching the 58-second mark. The secret of the performance is revealed.

The Latest RAYS’ GramLIGHTS Wheel Model ’57NR’ Is Now Available!

While sharpening the performance of sports wheels by injecting cutting-edge theory and technology, RAYS' gramLIGHTS also focuses on designs and finishes that are ahead of their time. Among the many popular products in the line-up, the "R Series" is a royal gem that competes at the forefront of drifting competitions such as D1GP and Formula Drift, and is popular in a variety of scenes from the street to the circuit. The newest addition to the series, the "57NR", is introduced here.

VeilSide Tunes Old Japanese Car Nissan ‘Cedric’

At the Tokyo Auto Salon 2024, legendary tuners showed their strong love for old cars. Among these, AMW focused on the 1974 Nissan Cedric 2-door hardtop by VeilSide. When it was built, it was one of the cars that were filled with the strong desire of representative Yokomaku to "put Japan's world-class tuning technology to work on an old car".

RE Amemiya Revives Mazda’s First Generation ‘Savanna RX-7’ With All The Latest Technology

The first generation Mazda Savanna RX-7 sticks out to the old man's generation who experienced the era of intense tuning. Tuning, now world-acclaimed and proudly Japanese, blossomed and flourished in the early 1980s, just as this car was running as a midnight street racer.

PHOENIX’s POWER tuning saw Nissan’s new Fairlady Z exceed 300km/h!

Phoenix's Power is exhibiting at the Osaka Auto Messe 2024, and in addition to its R35 GT-R demo car, is also actively tuning the new RZ34 Fairlady Z. The demo car is based on a 9-speed AT. The demo car is based on a 9-speed AT and boosted up.

HKS Releases Carbon Body Kit For ‘Abarth 595/695’

The VIITS tuning brand for European cars of HKS, one of the largest tuning parts manufacturers in Japan, has so far developed suspension, mufflers, boost controllers and other products for the Abarth 595/695. Finally, on 29 February 2024, the long-awaited body kit was launched.

Nissan R35 “GT-R” With PHOENIX’s POWER’s New Aero Parts

PHOENIX's POWER, one of Japan's most promising stores, is a core member of CLUB RH9, a group of technical stores with the largest concentration of tuning specialists in Japan, and had a large booth at the Osaka Auto Messe 2024 held in February 2024.