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They Shrank the ‘Nuova 500’?! KYOSHO ORIGINAL Revives 5-month Production Fiat in 1/18 Scale!

Kyosho is a model manufacturer that models a wide range of vehicles, from new models to classic cars. From the company's original brand 'KYOSHO ORIGINAL' comes a die-cast 1/18th scale Fiat 'Nuova 500'. Owners of the real car are also satisfied with the "high level of reproduction!" and are satisfied with the miniature car.

Unveiling the Miniature Marvels: HJ64’s Toyota ‘Probox’ Van Models in 1/64 Scale

Model manufacturer Hobby Japan has released the latest in its HJ64 series of the car's original brand, the die-cast 1/64 scale Toyota Probox Van DX, Probox Custom, and Probox Custom versions with roof carrier will be available for sale in July 2024. Here's a look at what's inside.

Collector’s Delight: Discovering the Toyota AE86 Miniature Series Including Drift King Model

Modeling company Hobby Japan has released the latest in the car's original HJ64 brand series: die-cast 1/64th scale Toyota 'Sprinter Trueno GT APEX JDM Style', Toyota 'Sprinter Trueno GT APEX JDM Style Carbon Hood' and Toyota 'Sprinter Trueno Drift King' will be released in June 2024. Here are some of the particulars.

Nissan ‘GT-R Nismo’ And ‘Fairlady Z Nismo’ Are Aavailable In 1/43rd Scale!

Kyosho entertains fans around the world with its diverse lineup of model cars. The company has released the 1/43 scale Nissan "GT-R Nismo" & "Fairlady Z Nismo" and the 1/18 scale Motul AUTECH Z. Here is a look at the appeal of each model.

Full-Size Tamiya “MINI 4WD” With Air-Cooled Flat Four Engine And Maximum Speed Of 180km/h!

At the "Osaka Auto Messe 2023", where a wide variety of custom cars and one-off models were on display, this car stood out from the crowd. The car displayed at the Yokohama Tire booth looked like Tamiya's famous "MINI 4WD" 1/32 plastic model kit, but it was a one-off show model created in cooperation between Yokohama Tire and Tamiya Inc. And this giant mini 4WD "ADVAN Aero Avante Limited" can be driven by a driver at 180km/h on a race track!