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Classic Cool: Rediscovering Retro Style at Rei-Tech

Osaka Auto Messe (OAM) 2024 was held at Intex Osaka from 10-12 February 2024. In Hall 6A, where a full line-up of domestic tuning cars was on display, Rei-Tech Autoworks stood out from the crowd. Three cars on display are introduced here.

Tech Triumphs: Inside the Advanced Features of the Lexus SC400 from the 90s

The third generation Toyota Soarer, which appeared in 1991, was developed as a coupe to be sold by Lexus, with the body, which had previously been a 5-number car, now being a 3-number car. The exterior, which until the previous generation had adopted an angular design, now had a rounded, gentle style that renewed the Soarer's image.

Toyota ‘Soarer’ Transplanted With ‘R32 GT-R’ Engine And Interior Equipment

The manga "Shakotan Boogie", written by Michiharu Kusunoki and serialized in Weekly Young Magazine in 1986, had a great impact on vehicle lovers in Japan. Influenced by the manga, an owner built a real-life version of the Toyota Soarer that the manga's main character "Hajime-chan" drove.

80’s Toyota Soarer Revived As A Nostalgic “Kaido racer”

The story of 1980s customization never ends and continues and evolves into the present day. "Kaido Racers" (street racers) have expanded their enjoyment to include racer replicas, grand champion races, works, silhouettes, and hi-society cars. At the 2023 Osaka Auto Messe, one that caught our attention was the Toyota "MZ10 Soarer" displayed at the booth of K-Break, a well-known brand in the VIP category.