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SKYLINE-GT-R(Skyline GT-R) 記事一覧

A Legacy Revived: Exploring the 32-Year Saga of the R32 GT-R Owner

In the past, sports car enthusiasts took machines tuned to their heart's content to the streets. The Nissan Skyline GT-R, known as the R32, was the most powerful sports car of all time, and it enthralled even the speed fanatics of the day. The man introduced here, Mr. Abe, was a young man who experienced the crazy street stage known as the highest speed in the Gulf at the time.

Resurrecting Glory: The GT-R LM Limited’s Story of Renewal and Revival

The "Kyushu☆GT-R Meeting 2023" held in Kumamoto Prefecture on October 22, 2023, attracted a large number of GT-R owners from the so-called second generation onward, starting with the R32 model. There we spotted one blue Nissan R33 "GT-R" LM Limited. We interviewed the owner, Mr. Kawamura.

Pursuing Dreams: The Journey to Acquiring the Coveted R33 GT-R from My Youth

A unique owner and his car visit a tuning shop specializing in the GT-R, Nissan's leading sports car. CREWCH in Mie Prefecture is one such shop. From among the owners who visit the shop, we introduce Mr. Satoshi Fukuda, who got his wish and acquired a BCNR33 in June 2023. What was the reason why he got a different unit from the one he had initially targeted?

Unveiling the Truth Behind the S20 Engine: Nissan’s Skyline GT-R Legacy Explored

The Nissan 'Skyline 2000GT-R' (PGC10, known as the 'Hakosuka') is a car that created a legend, a myth. It was the first mass-produced car in the world to be equipped with the S20 engine, a four-valve DOHC engine, and achieved a remarkable 50 victories in domestic races between May 1969 and March 1972. How was the engine refined and perfected to win races?

The Essence of Elegance: A Journey into the R34 GT-R’s Subtle Customization

Mr Yasuyuki Kamaya, who has been driving the Nissan Skyline for many years, has acquired his dream car, the GT-R. He uses a lot of NISMO aero parts to make it look stylish, but the front mask remains stock.

Chasing Shadows: Building the ‘Kenmeri GT-R Racing’ Replica

Even when it comes to old cars, everyone has their own style. Some owners enjoy their cars as originals, while others tune them for absolute speed. The old car life of Hiroshi Kitagawa, owner of the Nissan C110 "Skyline", known as the "Kenmeri GT-R Racing Replica", started 26 years ago.

Nissan R32 ‘Skyline GT-R’ He Had Admired For 30 Years

CREWCH is a shop in Mie Prefecture that specialises in GT-Rs. It is characterised not only as a tuning shop but also as a car shop in town. Among the owners who visit the shop, we would like to introduce the owner of a bright red R32 GT-R.

Why Did A Nissan ‘Skyline GT-R’ Owner Choose The R33 Instead Of The R32?

The GT-R Magazine introduces Mr Tatsuhiko Sawa, who bought a 1995 R33 from CREWCH, a shop in Mie Prefecture that has recently been increasing its presence in the GT-R market.