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Beyond the Surface: Discovering the Depth of Love and Dedication in the Delica D:5 Owner’s Story

This Mitsubishi Delica D:5 won the "BEST CAR OF OPEN COUNTRY" award at the "TOYO TIRES FAN MEETING IN FUKUOKA" held on December 9, 2023. The exterior is simple, but the rabbit ears and stuffed animals emphasize its cute style. The atmosphere was impressive, as it counteracted the Delica D:5's unique wildness in a good way.

Unconventional Charm: Exploring Japan’s Compact Car Revolution

1990s to 2000s, Japan experienced an unprecedented minivan boom, but compact cars were also a new phenomenon, with many different models being introduced by various companies. We look back at some of the cars that unfortunately lasted only one generation, but whose individuality shone through.

Mitsubishi ‘Minicab’ Revived With Three Units

On Saturday 24 February 2024, the second "Kei-truck & Super Cub Meeting" was held in Ibaraki Prefecture. From the venue of this unique event organized by a group of Super Cub enthusiasts, we present the 25-year-old owner of a 1982 Mitsubishi 3rd generation 'Minicab', which he utilizes for everyday driving.

Mitsubishi ‘Mirage Dingo’ Was Actually A Convenient Compact Wagon

The Mirage Dingo was a compact car launched by Mitsubishi in 1999. Although the name of the car was Mirage, it was not based on the same car, but on a newly developed platform. The early model was characterized by a unique front mask, while the later model was changed to a milder design.

Why Mitsubishi ‘Eclipse’ Customized To “The Fast & Furious” Movie Specs

There are many reasons why people fall in love with cars, but many people become car enthusiasts because of the influence of manga and movies. For example, many people must have become interested in not only the cars in the film but also the customization after watching the film "The Fast & Furious". In this issue, we introduce some of the car guys and their cars that were influenced by such films.

Only 5 Mitsubishi ‘Lancer Evolution VI’ Sold For 125,000 USD

On 24 February 2024, the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI RS Tommi Makinen Edition Monte Carlo Edition was offered at an auction organized by Iconic Auctioneers at Silverstone Circuit in England. The car is a limited edition 'Monte Carlo Edition' based on the Tommi Makinen Edition and created by Rally Art UK. The reason for the surprisingly high bid price?

Fully Customized Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX Returns To Japan From Indonesia

One Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX seen at Osaka Auto Messe (OAM) 2024 was a vehicle displayed by NMAA, an Indonesian association of companies related to car customisation and aftermarket parts. We spoke to a representative. The following is an introduction with a talk by Andre Mulyadi, representative.

Mitsubishi “FTO” Celebrates Its 30th Anniversary!

19The 1990s were a time when sporty coupes were a dime a dozen. The FTO, which debuted from Mitsubishi in 1994, stood out from its rivals with its European-inspired design and advanced features unique to Mitsubishi. We look back at the FTO through the catalogue of the time.