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2024’s Hottest Toyota HiAce Customizations: A Dive into 5 Trending Styles

HIACE Style editorial team introduces customisations matching the Toyota Hiace in 2024, from off-road to brands advocating classic style. Why not take a look at them to dress up your Hiace?

Unveiling Valenti’s First: A Closer Look at the Toyota Hiace 200 Series Wheels and Tires

Osaka Auto Messe (OAM) 2024 took place at Intex Osaka from 10-12 February 2024. Valenti decorated the venue with its synonymous headlamps, tail lamps and demo cars equipped with them. Of these, Valenti's first attempts at wheels for the Toyota Hiace 200 Series and tires for commercial vans and trucks were the focus of attention this time. Details.

Hiace Innovations: Discovering the Retreat Package by Alpine Style

A record 660 custom cars gathered at the Osaka Auto Messe (OAM) 2024, held at Intex Osaka from 10-12 February 2024. From this event, we would like to introduce the Carica, a custom model based on the Toyota Hiace displayed at the Alpine Style booth.

Efficiency Meets Elegance: Organizing Work Tools in a Wood-Based Bed Kit

The owner of a Toyota Hiace with a 415 COBRA bad face bonnet and a powerful face is Mr. "G-polish", who does business trip coating. In the luggage space of his Hiace, which has many tools for work, everything from small tools to large tools is neatly and efficiently arranged.

Hiace’s Custom Triumph: The Spectacular Journey to Reader’s Choice Victory

The Toyota Hiace by Mr. "Eve Ace" won first place in the "Hiace Style Meeting" dress-up contest, as voted for by the readers of "Wagonist". What kind of specifications does this car with customisation worthy of this honour have? It was full of customisation ideas that Hiace riders would want to imitate in every way.

Beyond Ordinary: Discovering Flex Dream’s Wide-Body Camper FD-BOX

Osaka Auto Messe (OAM) 2024, held at Intex Osaka from 10-12 February 2024, attracted a record 660 custom vehicles. This time, FLEX DREAM's FD-BOX, a custom vehicle based on the Toyota Hiace, is presented.

Illuminating Perfection: Valenti’s Tailored Design for Toyota ‘Hiace’

Valenti, known for its LED headlights and taillights, is developing aluminum wheels and tires exclusively for the Toyota Hiace. The center caps of the aluminum wheels shine, which is a unique feature of the brand.

Driven by Passion: Remarkable DIY Custom ‘Hiace’ Transformation

This time, we introduce the Hiace of "Masayan", who does all the installation and modifications himself. What kind of finish does this completely DIY custom car, which he even painted the parts himself, have?