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HIJET(Hijet) 記事一覧

Nostalgia Unleashed: The Timeless Design of the 3rd Gen ‘HIJET Van’

The Daihatsu Hijet Van is a super long-selling car with the oldest history among current kei-cars. This 3rd generation Hijet Van, with its distinctive square headlights, was revived by its owner, Mr. Sasaki, who found it lying in a warehouse. The customization that makes the cute style stand out even more is noteworthy.

Vintage Vibe: Exploring the Charm of the “Funny Rider” Kei-Truck Camper

Sitting in the midsummer sunshine of the Shonan Marina is a cute kei-truck camper. The front end is clad in a Ford Econoline-style face kit, while the rear is fitted with an FRP shell kit. It also carries a horizontal lift pop-up roof. Driving around town in such a stylish vehicle is sure to be a hit on social media.

Overland Camping Revolution: Kei-Trucks Take on a New Adventure

"GARAGE ILL" is well-known for its kits that transform your car into a nostalgic 80s "eyebrows" face by simply bolting onto Daihatsu's current "Hijet". This time, GARAGE ILL has come up with a new style that is sure to cause a stir in the light truck industry. It was an Overlander equipped with a roof-top tent with an outstanding wild mood.

Woodland Wanderer: Unveiling the Tranquil Beauty of Fuji Cypress in Camper Interiors

Mishima Daihatsu proposes a camper that uses Fuji cypress from Shizuoka Prefecture and offers the warmth of solid wood. The kei-camper, given the catchphrase "Traveling Little Log House" and the name "Quokka Wanabee", will surely be a messenger of happiness to its owner.

Kei-truck In Beautiful Coupe Style With Canopy!

This year's Osaka Auto Messe 2024 (hereafter OAM), a custom car festival, once again featured an array of remarkable machines. Among these, Kei-trucks remained as popular as ever. Among the many custom Kei-trucks lined up, AMW's focus was on the 'Grasshopper' series, with its flip-up canopy on the cargo bed and active playful spirit.

Daihatsu’s Kei-car Hijet Cargo Is Now A Super Compact Camper

Metio is a manufacturer of attractive and practical campers based on Kei-cars and compact vans. The company also offers campers under the "Rakuneru" brand. The Rakuneru series has been joined by the Rakuneru Lili, a camper based on a female-inspired Hijet Cargo.

Daihatsu Hijet Truck Jumbo & Copen With “Weekend Racer” Specifications

Let us introduce you to the HIJET trucks with extendable cargo beds that were on display at the Daihatsu booth at the 2023 Osaka Auto Messe. Named "HIJET TRUCK JUMBO EXTEND", the main feature of this vehicle is its extended cargo space. It is a set of two vehicles with the "COPEN CLUBSPORTS".

Lowered Kei-car Daihatsu Hijet In Cool 80’s Style

At the "Toyama K-truck Meeting", held in Toyama prefecture for the first time in three years, many lowered Kei-trucks attended. Among them, Daihatsu Hijet with 80s style eyebrows caught our eye.