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Joy of the Journey: Transforming a 1966 Chevrolet Caprice

Mr. Akiyoshi Kikuchi, who used to enjoy motorbikes and ride a Harley, has a 1966 Chevrolet Caprice. He has always liked old American cars and wanted to drive one someday, but why did he choose a Caprice from among the many American cars available? There was a wonderful reason hidden there.

Passion of Performance: A 20-Year Journey with a Custom ‘Camaro’

Mr. Tominaga has loved American cars since childhood and has been customizing his 1995 Chevrolet Camaro for 20 years. The body was all painted and the racing stripes & fire pattern were also painted. As it is garage-kept, the top and seats are still in stock condition. The engine has been modified almost entirely to give it a powerful specification.

Legacy of Power: The Corvette’s Mid-Engine Revolution

The Corvette Z06, a high-performance model of the current C8 Corvette with a new midship layout, is the result of 70 years of evolution by Chevrolet Corvette. Jun Nishikawa has enjoyed its driving experience while looking back at the history surrounding the Corvette from the eve of its birth.

Importing Style: Aki’s Journey from Camaro to Custom-Colored Corvette

American car enthusiast Mr. Aki switched from a Chevrolet Camaro to a Corvette, yearning for a large-displacement car. The Corvette, with its eye-catching bright orange body color, is a parallel import that he finally acquired after spending about half a year on a used car website in the USA, aiming for this color. Let's look at the interior's customization, which he finished in the same color.

Retro Cars: Icons of the 1990s Bubble Economy

The 1990s was a period when many domestic cars, now known as neo-classic cars and secretly popular, appeared on the market. Here, we dare to exclude the dominant cars such as the Honda Odyssey, the pioneer of family cars and minivans, and the Toyota Prius, the pioneer of hybrid cars, and introduce the cars that penetrated the youth following the trends of the time.