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Racing Ahead: The Rise of HKS F-CON V Pro+ in the Automotive Industry

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TEXT: 石川大輔(ISHIKAWA Daisuke)  PHOTO: 木村博道(KIMURA Hiromichi)

  • Mr. Tanaka, HKS Development Dept.
  • F-CON iS is a high-performance sub-computer that enables correction of fuel injection volume and ignition timing, and cancellation of the vehicle speed limiter. Until the F-CON V Pro+ is released, this is the basic control system
  • The GT2 SUPERCHAGER Pro Kit is a supercharger kit designed exclusively for each vehicle model that can be installed with minimal modifications. If it can be run with
  • The ideal way to achieve a significant increase in power output through turbocharging, etc. is to control the engine with a full control system. F-CON V Pro+

“F-CON V Pro” with various controls

A full computer for high-level professional tunersHKS’ “F-CON V Pro” is known as a computer that controls and corrects the base map of the fuel system and ignition system, enabling a variety of control controls. As there is no basic initial data setting, this model requires setting (setting) at HKS Powerlighter shops (F-CON V Pro dealers). The release of the F-CON V Pro was delayed with the evolution of newer models, but it is now available as the F-CON V Pro. We take a closer look at the frontline of its development.

The full computer that will become a weapon for circuit attacks is steadily being prepared for release

HKS’ F-CON V Pro is synonymous with Japanese full-control systems, and has been updated with the changing times, with Ver 3.4 now on sale offering more advanced fuel and ignition control. Furthermore, it has enhanced functions such as a rev limit function with an ignition cut.

However, the car industry is said to be in a period of change that occurs once every 100 years. New technologies such as variable valve timing, electronic throttles, and direct injection injectors were introduced one after another, and it is undeniable that the F-CON V Pro, which was late in responding to these new technologies, gradually lost its presence.

The widespread use of CAN communication was a major barrier to further computer analysis. This is because, in newer vehicles, where all information is integrated and controlled, a poor data change indicates that the vehicle is malfunctioning. This is because problems such as the forced power-down are apt to occur.

HKS has been working on the development of F-CON V Pro, which is compatible with the latest controls, under the radar and is ready for release by the end of 2024. The name of the product is “F-CON V Pro+”. Currently, a supercharged 86 development vehicle is being operated with this system and is undergoing repeated evaluations on actual vehicles. The first release will be for the 86/BRZ.

This model will be compatible with direct injection injector control

The topic is that the F-CON series for the first time supports direct injection injector control. It also supports electronic throttle (two systems) and variable valve timing management, enabling the new engine to be under control.

While the conventional F-CON V Pro was designed to be used in conjunction with the factory computer, the F-CON V Pro+ has evolved into a plug-in type that allows the factory computer to be removed and replaced. By designing it for each vehicle model, it also supports integrated control of CAN communication. The microcomputer’s operating clock is also four times faster than the previous version, enabling more detailed engine control than ever before. If the settings are adjusted, an improvement in response can also be expected.

In addition, the body is made of a magnesium alloy that is light and durable, and the stylish design, which is 15% smaller than the model shown as a reference exhibit in 2023, is very pleasing. The F-CON V Pro+ is expected to go on sale soon, so expectations are growing ever higher.

translated by DeepL