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Nissan’s ‘Skyline NISMO’ Goes Above The ‘400R’

The current Skyline is now available in a limited edition Skyline NISMO model, which offers even more performance than the high-performance 400R model. It has "enough performance to awaken Skyline lovers", which convinced the author, who had given up on the Skyline at one point.

VeilSide Tunes Old Japanese Car Nissan ‘Cedric’

At the Tokyo Auto Salon 2024, legendary tuners showed their strong love for old cars. Among these, AMW focused on the 1974 Nissan Cedric 2-door hardtop by VeilSide. When it was built, it was one of the cars that were filled with the strong desire of representative Yokomaku to "put Japan's world-class tuning technology to work on an old car".

New Honda ‘Accord’ Had The Comfort Of A High-end Sedan Updated With The Latest Technology

The Accord has grown as a global model for Honda since the first generation debuted in 1976, and the new 11th generation model went on sale in Japan on 8 March 2024. Motor journalist Naoto Shimazaki reports on his test drive impressions.

Why Did She Switch To Nissan ‘Laurel’ From Suzuki ‘Lapin’?

Girls Car Collection, a girls-only event, will be held on 23 November 2023 at the UDX Jidoshiba in Akihabara, Tokyo. This time we spoke to the owner who participated in a slightly nostalgic sedan, an 8th-generation C35 Nissan Laurel.

What Is The Toyota ‘Scepter’, The Japanese Version Of The US ‘Camry’?

The Scepter was a new model of the export-oriented Toyota Camry sold in Japan. In addition to the wagon, a sedan and coupe were added to complete the full lineup. The Scepter station wagon was a smash hit in Japan during the wagon boom. Here is a look back at the car's appeal.

Small Nissan 3rd generation ‘Skyline’? Actually A B110 ‘Sunny Sedan’

Osaka Auto Messe 2024 took place from 10 to 12 February 2024. A wide variety of tuned and customized cars, ranging from naughty mini-cars to flashy VIP sedans and more intrepid sports cars, filled the INTEX Osaka venue. Among these, it was the "Minisuka" that drew the most attention from visitors as well as fans of old cars.

Isuzu “Florian”, Owned For 32 Years, Was Revived Using 3 Vehicles

This was the second Toda Classic Car Reunion, held on 23 November 2023 at Saitama Prefecture. Many owners participated with maniac models, and we chose cars and specifications that are rarely seen at other events to talk to the owners. First up was the Isuzu Florian.

What Attracted The Young Owner To The Nostalgic Nissan Gloria?

Manabu's favorite car is a Nissan Gloria (10th generation Y33 model), decorated with an array of miniature cars and CDs from the detective drama laid out all over the bonnet. The car, which the 1989-born took twists and turns and acquired two years ago, is presented here.