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A Nomadic Journey: The Joy of Car Camping in a Volkswagen Type 2

Let's Chill Out!" is a new style event that combines a car show and auto-camping, with outdoor and custom cars as its core. This time, we would like to introduce two people driving a VW Type 2.

Customizing A Rare VW-based Purvis ‘Eureka’ In A Futuristic Anime Style!

The official name of this futuristic supercar is the "Purvis Eureka", which was built as a kit car by an Australian coachbuilder in 1975. This car, believed to be the only one still in existence in Japan, has been transformed into a futuristic car by its owner, Ryu-chan.

Visually Lift Up VW ‘up!’ With Normal Ride Height

VW "up!" is a car with a body size larger than a Japanese kei car and can accommodate four people, making it useful for city driving. Based on such a small but sturdy up!, '' from Okayama Prefecture presented a custom car finished to a wild off-roader taste at the OAM.

Nostalgic Volkswagen ‘Type 3’ For Everyday Use And Family Camping

The event, where owners in classic cars dress up in stylish outfits matching their beloved cars and bring nostalgic items to enjoy car discussions, was called. MINANO SUNDAY PICNIC 2023 was held on 4 November 2023 at "Our Minano Base" in Minano Town, Chichibu County, Saitama Prefecture. Here are some of the cars and owners that caught our attention.

VW ‘Scirocco R-Line’ Painted All Over In Toyota ‘Aqua’ Genuine Yellow

The AUTO FASHION import REAL powered by AUTO MESSE was held at Kobe Meriken Park on Sunday 3 December 2023. We spoke in detail to the owner of a Volkswagen Scirocco R-Line at the venue of this event.