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Chronicles of Restoration: Bringing a Camel Trophy Defender Back to Life

Among the many unique Land Rover Defenders on display, from rare limited editions to custom cars, one that stood out was the camel-colored Defender 90. We thought it was a replica of a common Camel Trophy car, but when we asked the owner about it, he told us that it was a real Camel Trophy participant. We asked him to introduce us to the real equipment.

Artistry of Innovation: How Startech Transformed the Land Rover Defender 110

Among the many Land Rover Defenders, from rare to the latest models, one that stood out for its individuality was a complete car customized by Startech. The rare Defender with a glass rear was an extremely rare model, of which only a few were available in Japan.

Shift of Preference: Choosing the New Defender Over a Jeep

At the Land Rover Defender gathering, which attracts many unique vehicles, we spoke to one of the owners of the new Defender 110 about his car. Owner Mr. "Oaty" used to drive a Jeep Grand Cherokee for about 10 years, so why did he decide to switch?

Survivors of Service: How a Military Land Rover Found a Home in Japan

The Land Rover Defender 110 was brought to Japan by a British owner. On closer inspection, the details were different from those of a production vehicle, and when we asked the owner why, we were surprised. It was a genuine ex-military vehicle, and had actually served in the military, making it a rather unusual model.

Power of Persistence: Securing a Rare ‘Defender’ from Holland

The Land Rover Defender 130, with its huge body measuring over 5 m in length, is a long-wheelbase pick-up model. When we spoke to Mr. Oyamada, the owner of such a pick-up, he told us that he had obtained this unit by importing it directly from the Netherlands. How does he enjoy outdoor life with this big-bodied Defender?

Journey of Inheritance: The Story of a Father-Son Defender

Mr. Funayama owns a soft-top version of the Land Rover Defender 90, released for North America. It is one of the few soft-top versions in the US, and even rarer when re-exported outside the US. How did he come to acquire such a Defender?

Mastery of Camping: The Life of a Defender 110 Camper

Mr. Watanabe drives a campervan based on the Land Rover Defender 110 Hardtop and fitted out by Dormobile in the UK. Furthermore, the sight of him towing a camping trailer with the Defender gave him an outstanding presence in the meeting hall. When it comes to towing a huge trailer, one wonders if it will be able to handle the power.

Art of Modification: The Journey of a Limited Edition Defender 90

The Defender Collection Owners Meeting, held on 20 April 2024 at a special venue in Saiboku, Saitama Prefecture, brought together numerous new and old Defenders. We focus on one of the cars we saw at the event. This time we introduce the Land Rover Defender 90, a precious limited edition car that has been converted to military specifications.