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Toyota ‘Corona EXiV’ Established The Popularity Of The 4-door Hardtop Coupe

The Corona EXiV was introduced in 1989 as the successor to the Toyota Corona Coupe. It was fully remodeled in 1993, and a racing machine based on the Corona EXiV was entered in the All-Japan Touring Car Championship, which was popular at the time, from 1994. We take a fresh look back at the car.

The Latest RAYS’ GramLIGHTS Wheel Model ’57NR’ Is Now Available!

While sharpening the performance of sports wheels by injecting cutting-edge theory and technology, RAYS' gramLIGHTS also focuses on designs and finishes that are ahead of their time. Among the many popular products in the line-up, the "R Series" is a royal gem that competes at the forefront of drifting competitions such as D1GP and Formula Drift, and is popular in a variety of scenes from the street to the circuit. The newest addition to the series, the "57NR", is introduced here.

Toyota ‘Soarer’ Transplanted With ‘R32 GT-R’ Engine And Interior Equipment

The manga "Shakotan Boogie", written by Michiharu Kusunoki and serialized in Weekly Young Magazine in 1986, had a great impact on vehicle lovers in Japan. Influenced by the manga, an owner built a real-life version of the Toyota Soarer that the manga's main character "Hajime-chan" drove.

Toyota ‘Cynos’, A Secretary’s Car That Was Cheaper Than The Kei-car

The Toyota 'Cynos', introduced in 1991, was a two-door coupe model based on the Tercel/Corsa/Corolla II and was available in two models: 'Alpha' and 'Beta'. 1995 saw a full model change, and the second generation of the Cynos was also two Two models are available. The new α model is an attractive model with a low price of 934,000 yen (approx. 6160 USD). We look back at the car again.

Toyota’s ‘Toyoace’ Truck In The Style Of The Japan Self-Defense Forces!

HARDEE'S also manufactures machines tailored to the owner's wishes. The vehicle introduced here was built as a wild camper vehicle, using the Dyna's sibling, the "Toyoace," and fitted out in the style of the Self-Defense Forces, reflecting the owner's opinion that a commercially available camper vehicle would not be interesting enough.

Rocket Bunny Modifies Toyota ‘Hilux’ To Drift Specifications

PANDEM/Rocket Bunny is an aero parts brand that is well known to all custom car enthusiasts. On display at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2024 was a custom machine based on the Toyota "Hilux. We interviewed Mr. Miura, the representative of the company.

Three Legendary Toyota ‘2000GT’s Are Stored In His Garage!

The biggest dream for a car enthusiast is to have the famous car they dreamed of when they were little. The most important dream for a car enthusiast is to own the famous car they admired when they were little. Owner Mr H, who has been able to realise this dream in just two years and has two Toyota 2000GTs lined up in his garage, says he feels like he is in charge of a world heritage site. What was the fateful encounter like?

Toyota ‘Hiace’ As A Mobile Motorcycle Garage!

The ease of use is well-documented GR8 STYLE, which sells Hiace interior and exterior items and complete cars, […]