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Comfortable Van-life Version Of The Suzuki’s Compact Car ‘Solio’

Suzuki's family-friendly compact car, the Solio is a popular minivan with a tall, tall body that is easy to use. Based on the Solio, the Okayama-based camping builder PaPa BUILD, which has produced many compact overnight models, has produced a model of a camper that can be used daily. We take a closer look at its interesting equipment.

Narrow ‘G-Class’ Style Suzuki ‘Jimny’ Appears!

The new DAMD model introduced here has been wonderfully updated to appeal to such users. The model name is 'Jimny Little G Traditional'. As the name suggests, it is based on the current JB64 "Jimny", a kei-car.

Nostalgic Kei-car Suzuki ‘Fronte Coupe’ Was A Micro Sport Car

The Nostalgic 2 Days motor show, held on 17-18 February 2024, was a major motor show where old and out-of-print cars took center stage. From that venue, this issue introduces the Suzuki Fronte Coupe, a 360cc-era kei-car that debuted in 1971.

Suzuki ‘CV1’, A Phantom Moped Car Only About 100 Units

The "most basic car" in Japan is generally a kei-car, but there is an even more minimalist category of transporters: micro cars and moped cars. The car introduced here is the CV1, a one-seater compact car with a displacement of 50 cc, which was introduced to the market by Suzuki in 1981.

Lowrider Customization Of The Suzuki ‘Jimny Sierra’!

The popularity of the Suzuki Jimny/Jimny Sierra continues unabated, and the customization field is also showing increasing excitement. One machine that has become an attractive machine thanks to its unique creativity is the "Jim-Ride Samurai Jimny Low Rider" by "K-BREAK," which was exhibited at the Osaka Auto Messe 2024.

OZ Racing’s ‘Rally Racing’ Wheels Reissued for Suzuki ‘Jimny’!

Homage to Renault Cinq/Lancia Delta with Jimny DAMD, well-known for customizing the Suzuki Jimny and Jimny Sie […]

Converted Suzuki ‘Jimny’ Into A Pickup Truck!

Many Suzuki Jimny/Jimny Sierra models were on display at Osaka Auto Messe 2024 this year. One vehicle that caught AMW's attention was the "ESTIRO Green Chopper," a custom pickup truck version of the current model Jimny.

Suzuki ‘Jimny / Jimny Sierra’ With A 5-inch Ride Height Increase!

MASTERPIECE exhibited at Osaka Auto Messe (OAM) 2024 a Suzuki Jimny / Jimny Sierra lifted up a whopping 5 inches. Is it safe with such a lift? Isn't it hard to drive? We asked these questions.