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From ‘MS-6’ to ‘626’: The ɛ̃fini’s Journey From the Shadows of Japan to the European Spotlight

The ɛ̃fini (Anfini) MS-6 was a derivative of the Mazda Cronos. The styling was a combination of the Ford Telstar five-door hatchback with the front mask of the Cronos. The unique styling looks attractive when viewed today. Let's take a look at the appeal of this endangered model.

Mazda’s Rotary Chronicles: Capella – A Story of Innovation

The MX-30 Rotary-EV was launched in 2023 as "a car with electrification technology that uses the rotary engine as a generator", and Mazda's unique approach to electrification, which leverages the company's strengths, is also attracting attention. The MX-30 Rotary-EV is the first rotary engine-powered vehicle in 11 years, since the RX-8 was discontinued in 2012.

Beyond the Ordinary: Inside the World of Ms. “Emu” and Her Mazda RX-7 Type RZ – A Legacy of Racing Excellence

Ms. "Emu", a designer who creates beautiful dresses for ballroom dancing and other events, has a Mazda RX-7 Type RZ (FD3S). The beautiful snow-white colored body with pearlescent paint is a limited edition Type RZ and is still in beautiful condition more than 20 years after its release. What was the story behind Ms. Emu's choice of this beloved car?

Nostalgia of the 360cc Era: Celebrating the Mazda ‘Porter’

The Mazda Porter is, as its name suggests, Mazda's bonnet pick-up truck born to carry cargo. We spoke to the owner, who loves this adorable vehicle, about how he acquired it and how he maintains it.

Beauty of Vintage: The Mazda ‘Porter Cab’ in Focus

The Mazda 'Porter Cab' is unforgettable once you've seen its bland face. It was at the "360! All Together in OSAKA" event held in Osaka that I spotted such an adorable-looking Porter Cab. Among the many 360cc kei-cars gathered and many rare vehicles were seen, the Porter Cab was the only entry.

Marvel of Engineering: Inside the Mazda R360 Coupe

The R360 Coupe, as its name suggests, was Mazda's first four-wheeled passenger car, a 360 cc kei-car launched in 1960.

The Enigmatic ‘Genki-7’: NAO’s Journey to Acquire RE Amemiya’s Precious Concept Car

RE Amemiya has been creating fascinating machines by producing cars that are the talk of the town, starting with the GReddy series. The car introduced here is the RE Amemiya "Genki-7," a car that "NAO" was desperate to have, so he went to RE Amemiya many times to build a relationship of trust, and finally received the car, which became his car.

Classic Charm: A Journey Through the Mazda Eunos Roadster’s Timeless Appeal

This is a series of articles in which we ask Aisaki Sasaki, a 19-year-old female racing driver who loves old cars, to actually drive an old car and give us her impressions from a young person's fresh perspective. This time, we will be looking at Japan's world-class convertible hit, Mazda's first generation NA model "Eunos Roadster".