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Autozam ‘AZ-3’ Was A Longtime Seller In The Shadow Of The ‘AZ-1’

The Autozam AZ-3 was introduced in 1991 as a sibling of the Eunos Presso. While the Presso targeted single men and women who valued their individuality, the AZ-3 was a model with a lighter, sportier flavour. What kind of car was the AZ-3, whose name is not heard as often today as that of the AZ-1?

Why Did LIBERTY WALK Build The Ferrari ‘F40’ Based On The Mazda ‘AZ-1’?

The tiny "LB-WORKS LB40" stood out from the crowd at the Liberty Walk booth at the Osaka Auto Messe 2024. 2023 saw the production of the Ferrari "F40" works-style car, which became the talk of the world. This year, we scaled it down to a smaller scale and completed the "F40 replica that you can buy.

RE Amemiya Revives Mazda’s First Generation ‘Savanna RX-7’ With All The Latest Technology

The first generation Mazda Savanna RX-7 sticks out to the old man's generation who experienced the era of intense tuning. Tuning, now world-acclaimed and proudly Japanese, blossomed and flourished in the early 1980s, just as this car was running as a midnight street racer.

FC3S ‘RX-7’ Rotary Engine Transplanted Into Mazda ‘Familia Van’

RE Amemiya, a well-known rotary specialty store, is often consulted by middle-aged and older car enthusiasts. The Mazda "Familia Van" presented here was also a request from an owner who fondly remembers those days. The project started with the owner's strong desire to have a rotary engine installed in the van, if it was to be built as part of the restoration.

Mazda’s Phantom Rotary Engine Car Prototype ‘RX500’ Is Back!

Many people think of rotary engines when they think of Mazda, and one that caught the attention of many visitors at the Nostalgic 2 Days event held in Yokohama in February 2024 was the RX500, which was on display at the Mazda booth. The RX500, an experimental vehicle from 1970.

A Mazda ‘Cosmo’ Sport That Crossed The Ocean Sold For €103,500!

On 1 February 2024, a Mazda Cosmo Sport was offered at an auction organized by Bonhams in Paris, France. The hammer price of the only surviving Cosmo Sport, one of only three officially sold in France, is of interest.

36 Years In A Race-spec Mazda Familia R100 Rotary Coupe

On 29 October 2023, an event named ‘Power & Torque’ was held at Fuji Speedway, where a slot was set aside for stock car racing vehicles. Here we introduce the Mazda Familia R100 Rotary Coupe, which took part in the event, entitled 'Festival of Stock Cars 2023'.

Mazda Savanna RX-3 Ran With Former Rival Skyline GT-R At Fuji

On 29 October 2023, an event named ‘Power & Torque’ was held at Fuji Speedway, where a slot was set aside for stock car racing vehicles. The Mazda Savanna RX-3 was one of the cars that took part in the event, which was called the ‘Festival of Stock Cars 2023’.