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VAMOS(Vamos) 記事一覧

Let’s Go, Honda: Bike Lover’s Car Is a Playful Child of the Nostalgic 70s

The leisure car boom gained a slight boost in the 1970s. Unique vehicles that prioritized playfulness over practicality were put on the market, and the Vamos Honda was one such vehicle in the genre. However, its straightforwardness proved to be a hindrance, and only about 2,500 units were produced over four years before its role was over. In this issue, we introduce you to the owners and their favorite cars of this rare Vamos Honda.

The Unfulfilled Potential: The ‘Vamos Honda’ RV That Was Ahead of Its Time

The Vamos Honda is famous for its unique body shape, but despite many people being familiar with the name, it was an ultra-rare vehicle that was short-lived. Amongst the many famous and stray vehicles that Honda has introduced to the world that were too far ahead of their time, we introduce you to the owner of the Vamos Honda, the RV of the extreme north.

Vintage ‘Vamos Honda’: A Love Story with Unique Kei-Trucks

On Saturday 24 February 2024, the 2nd "Kei-Truck & Super Cub Meeting" was held in Ibaraki Prefecture. From the venue of this unique event organized by the Super Cub Enthusiasts' Association, we present the owners of the Vamos Honda, a multi-purpose light vehicle launched by Honda in 1970.

Cute And Funny Honda Vamos, The 70’s Kei-car Born Too Soon

The Honda Vamos, introduced in 1970, had a unique body design. The open style styling was provided only with a top, no doors, and a guard pipe to prevent falls. Let's take a look back at the car's novelty and appeal.