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The Art of Stancing: Elevating Honda Stepwgn with Unique Interior Touches

Mr. Daisuke Ryomoto bought the 'Stepwgn Spada' because he was attracted by the ability to use as much luggage space as possible and the introduction of a turbo engine. The owner, who has driven the 'Silvia' and 'Wagon R', takes a US-style approach to the Honda Stepwgn in detail.

From Generation to Generation: Reviving a Classic Honda ‘Beat Version Z’

368 Honda Beats & S660s gather at the “Holy Land” On October 22, 2023, the “THANKS! Yach […]

Let’s Go, Honda: Bike Lover’s Car Is a Playful Child of the Nostalgic 70s

The leisure car boom gained a slight boost in the 1970s. Unique vehicles that prioritized playfulness over practicality were put on the market, and the Vamos Honda was one such vehicle in the genre. However, its straightforwardness proved to be a hindrance, and only about 2,500 units were produced over four years before its role was over. In this issue, we introduce you to the owners and their favorite cars of this rare Vamos Honda.

Honda DNA: Innovation Meets Heritage at the Award-Winning Booth [OAM 2024]

Every year at the Osaka Auto Messe, the most popular exhibiting vehicle is awarded the Grand Prix, and the exhibiting booth is awarded a special prize and presented with a trophy, as voted by the general public during the show. The Honda/Mugen booth won the Special Exhibit Booth Award for 2024.

‘Life’ Is a Barter: Exchanging a Bottle of Sake for a Honda

The current prevalence of AT vehicles in Japan is said to be 98%. Mr. Iwamoto, who owns a 1973 Honda Life, is said to be one of the rarest AT cars in existence. We asked him about the episodes with his Life, which he has owned for 35 years even though it has suffered countless problems.

Visionary Redesign: Unveiling the Top-Voted Dazzling Honda “STEPWGN” – A Truly Original Masterpiece

The Honda STEPWGN, with its flashy black and red body, won first place in the users' vote in the dress-up contest of the Super Carnival Real held in 2023. Let's take a look at the full picture of this masterpiece, which was completely original without relying on a shop.

Ingenious Innovations: Transforming a Honda Freed with One-Off Customizations

A Honda Freed with a customized front face that at first glance you can't tell what type of car it is. As the aero is something you don't see very often, you'd think it was a one-off, but it's a combination bumper finished with a creative idea. Let's check out the Freed in detail, which is full of other rare tricks.

The ‘Odyssey’ Meets ‘Civic’: Unraveling Honda’s Fusion Design

Here we introduce the Honda Odyssey RB3, whose styling is so attractive that it is hard to tell whether it is a Honda Odyssey RB or a Civic FK. Look out for the styling that exudes a sporting mood.