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From Nürburgring Triumphs to Grace Kelly’s Ride: Exploring Honda’s ‘S600’ and ‘S800’

Honda is a manufacturer with a well-established image for its motorsports activities over the years. Honda's pioneering efforts on four wheels were the S600, which debuted in 1964, and the S800, which took over the baton in 1966.

Revving Up: The Story of Three Young Minds Behind YOKOHAMA CAR SESSION

On Sunday 20 March 2024, an event called "YOKOHAMA CAR SESSION-Car Life for Young People" was held for the first time at the Yokohama, where car lovers under 35 years old gathered regardless of their car's nationality or year, and a colorful one-day car museum The event was organized by three young people in their twenties. We asked the three young people in their twenties who organized the event how they made it happen.

Unveiling Ayrton Senna’s Treasured NSX: A Collector’s Dream Come True

A Honda NSX, once the private car of legendary Formula One pilot Ayrton Senna, has appeared on the used car market at Auto Trader, the UK's largest car market. The NSX, which retains its original condition well, is priced at GBP 500,000. This is a very valuable car that was featured in the film 'Racing Is in My Blood'.

The Thrilling History of Honda Civic RS: From Past Glory to Future Performance

Honda displayed three Civics at the AUTOMOBILE COUNCIL held at Makuhari Messe from 12-14 April 2024. The first generation RS, the Civic that competed in the All Japan Touring Car Championship, and the Civic RS prototype scheduled for launch this autumn were on display. Here are some of the old and new Civics.

Inside the New N-BOX: A Comprehensive Ride Through Honda’s Latest Evolution

The best-selling car in Japan is Honda's N-BOX kei-car, which sold 218,478 units in FY2023, making it the best-selling model including regular cars. The N-BOX was fully remodeled in October 2023 to become the third generation. So, a young automotive writer in his 20s checked out the new N-BOX in a variety of situations.

Capturing the Essence: A Camera Girl at the Honda Beat & S660 Meeting

A total of 368 Honda Beats & S660s gathered at the "THANKS! Yachiyo Industry Co., Ltd. BEAT & S660 MEETING" held at Yachiyo Industry in Sayama, Saitama Prefecture on October 22, 2023. For this issue, we interviewed a female owner of a limited edition S660 MUGEN RA.

American Dreams: The Stylish Evolution of Kei-Truck Honda ‘Acty’

Kei-trucks change their shape according to their owners' lifestyles and undergo significant changes to suit various scenes. Tomohiko Yoshinaga's Honda “Acty” is a stylish vehicle with an American taste.

Retro Cars: Icons of the 1990s Bubble Economy

The 1990s was a period when many domestic cars, now known as neo-classic cars and secretly popular, appeared on the market. Here, we dare to exclude the dominant cars such as the Honda Odyssey, the pioneer of family cars and minivans, and the Toyota Prius, the pioneer of hybrid cars, and introduce the cars that penetrated the youth following the trends of the time.